Agricultural definition

Agricultural. , in reference to use, means land, buildings or structures used, designed or intended to be used solely for an “agricultural operation” as that term is defined in section 1 of the Farming and Food Production Protection Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 1;
Agricultural means the use of land for agricultural purposes, including farming, dairying, pasturage, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, viticulture, and animal and poultry husbandry and the necessary accessory uses for packing, treating and storing the produce; provided, however, that the operation of any such accessory uses shall be secondary to that of normal agricultural activities and provided further that the above uses shall not include the commercial feeding of garbage or offal to swine or other animals or the commercial hatching, breeding, raising or feeding of poultry, cattle, sheep or swine.
Agricultural means the use of water for stock watering, irrigation, and other farm purposes.

Examples of Agricultural in a sentence

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More Definitions of Agricultural

Agricultural means the category of properties for which the water service is pro- vided under the Agricultural Irrigation water service classification, and plant nurseries.
Agricultural means a use category containing nonresidential uses primarily related to the raising of animals and crops that do not exceed the threshold for concentrated or intensive animal feeding operations. The use category includes: crop production; nursery (retail); stables; and animal, crop, and farm equipment storage.
Agricultural means a farm registered as such for income tax purposes in the current year.
Agricultural means non-residential lands, buildings or structures or any part thereof used, designed or intended solely for farming, apiaries, fish farming, animal husbandry or the cultivation of trees, shrubs, flowers, grains, sod, fruits, vegetables and other crops or ornamental plants, or similar agrarian activity, on land of at least three (3) hectares in area, and includes barns, implement sheds, seasonal roadside stands and silos but does not include processing or year-round wholesale or retail facilities;
Agricultural means the primary use of the land is to produce crops, harvest timber or graze livestock for commercial purposes consistent with the land’s capability to produce including land used for a farmstead structure that supports the land’s capability to produce.
Agricultural means the use of water for commercial production of agricultural crops and livestock and other uses consistent with any right decreed for irrigation purposes, which uses are made on a parcel of land of at least ten acres.
Agricultural means agricultural within the meaning of the Agriculture Act 1967 (c. 22) or the Agriculture Act (Northern Ireland) 1949 (c. 2 (N.I.));