Agricultural producer definition

Agricultural producer means a person that engages or wishes to engage or intends to engage in the business of producing and marketing agricultural produce in this state.
Agricultural producer means a person regularly engaged in the business of using land for the production of commercial crops or commercial livestock. The term includes farmers, market gardeners, commercial fruit growers, livestock breeders, dairymen, poultrymen, and other persons similarly engaged, but does not include a person who breeds or markets animals, birds, or fish for domestic pets nor a person who cultivates, grows, or harvests plants or plant products exclusively for that person's own consumption or casual sale.
Agricultural producer means any producer of livestock, crops or dairy products from an agricultural operation.

Examples of Agricultural producer in a sentence

AGRICULTURAL PRODUCER SECURITY FUND 126.05 Agricultural producer security fund.

Agricultural producer currently has minimal knowledge of energy conservation measures and no plan for energy conservation.

Agricultural producer support estimates in selected G20 economies 13Figure 2.

Agricultural producer (productivist) and non-productivist actions when linked with clear financial benefits (Farm 2, Farm 10, Farm 12);Agricultural producerEnvironmental managerAgribusiness personConservationistSalience of identity3.

As used in this chapter and chapter 202, the following terms shall mean: Agricultural producer: A grower, farm processor, or a group of growers or farmer processors belonging to a growers’ cooperative, or wild-harvester that is principally engaged in the production of farm and wild-harvested products and who is licensed by or registered with the City of Minneapolis according to Minnesota law or city ordinance.

More Definitions of Agricultural producer

Agricultural producer means a person who owns or is purchasing agricultural property for use in agriculture whose gross sales in agriculture averaged $20,000 or more for the preceding three years.
Agricultural producer means a person who is any of the following:
Agricultural producer means a person engaged in an agri- cultural activity, as defined in s. 101.10 (1) (a).
Agricultural producer means a producer operating in one or more agricultural sectors;
Agricultural producer means a person or persons who raise poultry and who slaughter and sell one thousand or fewer whole raw poultry from their farm directly to the ulti- mate consumer.
Agricultural producer means a person that engages in or has engaged in the business of growing or producing agricultural produce for market or for delivery or transfer to others owning or holding title to the produce. “Agricultural producer” includes a landowner, producer, landlord, tenant, sharecropper or other person who participates in the growing of agricultural produce and receives a share of the produce.
Agricultural producer means a person that produces biomass in Oregon that is used, in Oregon, as biofuel or to produce biofuel.