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Agricultural commodity means any plant or part of a plant, or animal, or animal product, produced by a person (including farmers, ranchers, vineyardists, plant propagators, Christmas tree growers, aquaculturists, floriculturists, orchardists, foresters, or other comparable persons) primarily for sale, consumption, propagation, or other use by people or animals.
Agricultural commodity means all agricultural, aquacultural, silvicultural, horticultural, floricultural, or viticultural products, livestock or livestock products, Christmas trees, bees, maple syrup, honey, commercial fish or fish products, and seeds produced in this state, either in their natural state or as processed by the producer of the commodity. The kinds, types, and subtypes of products to be classed together as an agricultural commodity for the purposes of this act shall be determined on the basis of common usage and practice.
Agricultural commodity means any plant or part of a plant, animal or animal product produced by a person primarily for sale, consumption, propagation or other use by humans or ani- mals.

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Another way to achieve this objective may be by making use of certification.142 Agricultural commodity roundtables in Latin America, for example, have reportedly started to prohibit the certification of farmers who clear forests or savannahs to plant their crops or do not comply with labour and environmental laws and restrictions on the use of dangerous chemicals.143 3.

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Agricultural commodity means any agricultural product, including, but not limited to, plants and animals and plant and animal products, grown, raised or produced within the State for use as food, feed, seed or any aesthetic, industrial or chemurgic purpose.
Agricultural commodity means any agricultural, horti- cultural (excepting floricultural), viticultural, vegetable, poultry, and livestock products produced in this state, including for use as a bioenergy feedstock, including milk and milk products, bees and honey, or any class, variety or utilization thereof, either in their natural state or as processed by a producer for the purpose of mar- keting such product or by a processor, but not including timber and wood products, except timber and wood products used as a bioen- ergy feedstock.
Agricultural commodity has the same meaning as the term “agricultural commodity” in section 518 of the Act (7 U.S.C. § 1518), excluding livestock.
Agricultural commodity means any agricultural commodity planted and produced in a State by annual tilling of the soil, including tilling by one-trip planters or sugarcane planted and produced in a State.
Agricultural commodity means any plant, animal, plant product, or animal product produced for commercial or research purposes.
Agricultural commodity means a material produced for use in or as food, feed, seed, or fiber and includes crops for fiber, food, oilseeds, seeds, livestock, livestock products, dairy, dairy products, poultry, poultry products, and other products or by-products of the farm produced for the same or similar use, except ethanol; and
Agricultural commodity or “USDA Food” means a product grown, processed, and otherwise prepared for sale or distribution exclusively in the United States except with respect to minor ingredients (See AGAR 470.103(b)). Ingredients from nondomestic sources will be allowed to be utilized as a United States product if such ingredients are not otherwise: (1) produced in the United States; and (2) commercially available in the United States at fair and reasonable prices from domestic sources. See clause 4A52.225-1, U.S. Origin Product.