Additional Parties definition

Additional Parties means each of the parties listed on Appendix J of the License Agreement (as defined below);
Additional Parties shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble;
Additional Parties means any person, other than an Original Party, who executes an Accession Deed and becomes a party to this Framework Agreement and a Party to the Code in accordance with Clause 2;

Examples of Additional Parties in a sentence

  • Additional Parties (a) If a party is added to an arbitration after the Director sends the lists generated by the Neutral List Selection System to the parties, but before parties must return the ranked lists to the Director, the Director will send the lists to the newly added party, with employment history for the past 10 years and other background information for each arbitrator listed.

  • We value THE INDIVIDUAL, single or married and we want to enable and support mature relationships and family growth.

  • Licensor and the Additional Parties hereby agree and covenant that, throughout the Territory, they shall, and shall cause each of their respective controlled Affiliates to, comply in all material respects with the terms of all third-party licenses and other obligations related to or included in the Licensed Intellectual Property.

  • There are 50 x Exclusive Books vouchers worth R200 each to be won.

  • Ultimately, the trial court declined to allow Mr. Peterson to call Ms. Skopp to the stand as a defense witness on the basis that the questioning would violate the attorney-client privilege of Mr. Hughes.The information that Mr. Peterson sought to elicit from Ms. Skopp changed over the course of the proceedings, as did the evidentiary privileges and principles that applied to each iteration.

More Definitions of Additional Parties

Additional Parties means all Additional Note Purchasers other than Medtronic.
Additional Parties means any Successor Company that becomes a party hereto pursuant to Section 7.10 hereof and the Indenture.
Additional Parties has the meaning given to that term in Section 7.7.
Additional Parties means Lionbridge Technologies Ireland, INT', Inc., International Language Engineering Corporation, Harvard Translations, Inc. and Lionbridge Technologies California, Inc.
Additional Parties means (a) any Successor Holdings and (b) any Successor Borrower, in each case, that becomes a party hereto pursuant to Section 7.10 hereof and the Credit Agreement.
Additional Parties means the County and the Water Works.
Additional Parties shall have the same meaning given to it in Section 1 of this Agreement.