Bank Parties definition

Bank Parties means Administrative Agent and the Banks.
Bank Parties mean the Banks and the Issuing Banks.

Examples of Bank Parties in a sentence

  • Excluded from the Settlement Class are Defendants and their employees, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and co-conspirators, should any exist, whether or not named in the Amended Complaint, and the United States Government, and all of the Released [[Bank]] Parties, provided, however, that Investment Vehicles shall not be excluded from the definition of the Settlement Class.

  • The Bank Parties will not use Confidential Information obtained from the Borrower by virtue of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or their other relationships with the Borrower in connection with the performance by each of the Bank Parties of services for other companies, and each of the Bank Parties will not furnish any such Confidential Information to other companies.

  • Except as to any individual claim of those Persons (identified in Exhibit 1 hereto) who have validly and timely requested exclusion from the Settlement Class (“Opt-Outs”), the Action and all claims contained therein, as well as all of the Released Class Claims, against [[Bank]] and Released [[Bank]] Parties by the Plaintiffs and Releasing Class Parties are dismissed with prejudice.

  • An internationally recognized management firm shall be retained by the Parties after the date hereof to evaluate the existing management of each of the Bank Parties and recommend a list of the most qualified candidates to serve as the initial Senior Management (including country heads) of CorpBanca and its Subsidiaries after the Chilean Effective Time.

  • Notwithstanding any such rights and benefits conferred by any law, rule, regulation or common law doctrine of any federal, state or foreign jurisdiction, the Bank Parties understand and agree that the releases set forth in this Subsection 5.1(a) are intended to include all Homeowner Released Claims that the Bank Parties have or may have, including Claims that are unknown as of the Effective Date.

More Definitions of Bank Parties

Bank Parties see Section 13.6.
Bank Parties means Agent, each of the Banks and each of the Letter of Credit Issuing Banks.
Bank Parties means Agent, LC Issuer, and all Lenders.
Bank Parties means Bank and any Affiliate of Bank that is now or hereafter becomes a party to this Agreement, any other Loan Document or any Bank Swap Document.
Bank Parties means the Banks, the Swingline Bank, the Agents and the Lead Arrangers.
Bank Parties means the Bank in its respective capacities as Collateral Custodian, Document Custodian and Paying Agent under the Transaction Documents.
Bank Parties has the meaning given such term in Section 8.07(B).