Accountable definition

Accountable means ensuring compliance on the part of each life support agency or emergency medical services personnel in carrying out emergency medical services based upon protocols established by the medical control authority and approved by the department.

Examples of Accountable in a sentence

  • Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are groups of physicians and other healthcare providers who come together to provide coordinated care to patients.

  • Responses must be sent to the PA to the Director of Corporate Affairs two weeks following the meeting who will collate these responses and will forward for approval to the Chair and Accountable Officer, copying in Governing Body Members.

  • Information on Maine Accountable Communities model obtained from Program Resource documents and interviews with state personnel.

  • More information on this programis detailed in the Benchmarking – Baseline Cost Calculation section.xii In Minnesota’s IHP 2.0 model (2018-present) Track 2 IHPs enter into downside risk immediately.xiii Information on Vermont Medicaid Shared Savings Program, which ran from 2014-2017, available from“Overview of Shared Savings Programs (SSPs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in Vermont.” State of Vermont.

  • See CMS Fact Sheet, New Accountable Care Organization Model Opportunity: Medicare ACO Track 1+ Model, Updated July 2017 (herein Track 1+ Model Fact Sheet), available at Medicare-Fee-for-Service-Payment/ sharedsavingsprogram/Downloads/ New-Accountable-Care-Organization- Model-Opportunity-Fact-Sheet.pdf.

More Definitions of Accountable

Accountable has the final authority or accountability for the task’s completion. In the quarterly report example above, there may be a division manager or department director who has the final say as to whether the report is complete and meets their expectations for the deliverable. If the work is not progressing or there are issues which require intervention, then the Accountable person (either the division manager or department director, in this example) would be expected to give direction regarding appropriate corrective measures.
Accountable. (A) means being answerable for actions, decisions and performance;
Accountable means assuming responsibility to the client, the public, other health-care practitioners and oneself for one's actions and/or decisions and their outcomes.
Accountable means to answer for, or explain, one’s conduct, decisions or acts;
Accountable means that a community empowerment area board will take responsibility to ex- plain to the public what the board does and does not accomplish.
Accountable means to be answerable for actions, decisions and performance.
Accountable means the requirement to record, report, explain and