Accountable definition

Accountable means ensuring compliance on the part of each life support agency or emergency medical services personnel in carrying out emergency medical services based upon protocols established by the medical control authority and approved by the department.

Examples of Accountable in a sentence

ADDITIONAL SPECIAL PROVISION 1 (ASP 1)FOR TRANSPORTATION ALLIANCE FOR NEW SOLUTIONS (TrANS) PROGRAM EMPLOYMENT PLACEMENTS AND APPRENTICESHIPS The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), Section 5204(e) – Surface Transportation Workforce Development Training and Education, provides for 100 percent Federal funding if the core program funds are used for training, education, or workforce development purposes, including “pipeline” activities.

State Outcome Goals Link: Public Safety, Transparent, Accountable & Effective Government and Youth Edu- cation Children's Budget Link: This program is included in the Children's Budget.

The Accountable Officer shall set out procedures on the seeking of professional advice regarding the supply of goods and services.

As Accountable Officer, I have responsibility for reviewing the effectiveness of the system of internal control.

They also help the Accountable Officer and Chief Finance Officer to effectively perform their responsibilities.

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Accountable means to answer for, or explain, one’s conduct, decisions or acts;
Accountable means assuming responsibility to the client, the public, other health- care practitioners and oneself for one's actions and/or decisions and their outcomes.
Accountable means the community board will include the public in assessing, setting priorities, and developing and implementing a community plan to reach the purpose and desired results of em- powerment and will ensure that adequate records are maintained.
Accountable means that where the recipient of the information, who is a party to a non-binding memorandum of understanding, processes the personal information of a data subject in a manner that would have constituted an interference with the privacy of the data subject in terms of this Act had the information been processed in the Republic, the processing will be regarded as an interference with the privacy of the data subject in terms of this Act andwill be regarded as having been processed by the responsible party, unless -
Accountable means that the Leader has been appointed after having gained sufficient relevant experience as a team member or assistant team leader.
Accountable means the requirement to record, report, explain and
Accountable means that a community empowerment area board will take responsibility to explain to the public what the board does and does not accomplish.