Primarily definition

Primarily means machinery and equipment used 50 percent or more of the time in an activity described in paragraph (a).
Primarily means 50 percent or more of the time.
Primarily means chiefly or mainly.

Examples of Primarily in a sentence

  • Primarily related to reimbursements of certain legal costs, which are included in marketing, general and administrative expense.

  • Primarily, she serves in theCity Manager’s Office and directs all economic development activities, serves as the organization’s PublicInformation Officer and oversees the City’s HousingProgram.

  • The two regions as well as participant characteristics and recruitment are detailed as follows:• Northern: Primarily Auckland but includes other North Island centres.

  • Primarily these events occur during difficult grow or weather-related conditions.

  • For more information about human incident data, please refer to the following EPA documents, available at under docket number EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0955: “Updated Review of Poison Control Center Data for Residential Exposures to Rodenticides” (Blondell, 3/22/99); “Updated Review of Rodenticide Incident Reports Primarily Concerning Children” (Blondell, 6/3/99); and “Updated Review of Rodenticide Incident Reports Primarily Concerning Children” (Hawkins and Allender, 1/09/07).

More Definitions of Primarily

Primarily means more than 50%.
Primarily means more than 50% of the time;
Primarily means that the serving of the meals by a business establishment is a regular source of business to the licensed establishment, that meals are served upon the demand of the guests and patrons during the normal mealtimes that occur when the licensed business establishment is open to the public, and that an adequate supply of food is present on the licensed premises to meet the demand."
Primarily means more than fifty percent of the time the machinery or equipment is used.
Primarily means the principal purpose for which a vessel is used when considered in conjunction with all of its uses.
Primarily means chiefly or the first importance.
Primarily means more than 50 percent.