Misuse definition

Misuse means to deal with property contrary to:
Misuse means the use of such funds for purposes other than those originally intended or agreed upon, whether deliberate or by gross negligence.
Misuse means all uses of a prescription medication other than those that are directed by a clinician in accordance with the plan of treatment.

Examples of Misuse in a sentence

  • More details can be found at: Substance Misuse - Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (oscb.org.uk) Honour Based Violence and Forced MarriagesHonour Based Violence and Forced Marriage refers to a collection of practices used to control behaviour within families to protect perceived cultural or religious beliefs and honour.

  • Misuse of Compliant or Business Sensitive Data, or the equipment on which it resides, shall be considered a breach of the Information Security Policy, and dealt with accordingly.

  • Misuse of paracetamol (panado) can lead to liver failure.An important milestone for Lesotho was its representation at the inaugural meeting of the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) in June 2004 in Arusha, Tanzania.

  • Misuse of WSEHK letterhead is grounds for disciplinary action.Company Computers Computer access is provided to employees solely for performing work related activities.

  • Departments that shuffle or move temporary staff into and out of office spaces to make spaces appear as if they are occupied may be subject to 310.00 Misuse of Space Resources.303.20 Vacant Space PoolWhen a space request results in vacant space(s), those spaces shall be entered into the University space pool.

More Definitions of Misuse

Misuse means the unauthorised taking / consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or substance through which harm could occur and / or is in breach of the College rules and / or the law.
Misuse means (a) any improper or unauthorized use of the Software or Add-ons, modification or change of the Software or Add-ons without Xxxxx’x written consent; (b) use of non-current releases of the Software or Add-ons where use of the non-current release results in a potential IP Claim under Section 8 (Intellectual Property Indemnification) of this XXXX and a correction has been made available to address such potential IP Claim; or (c) combining or merging the Software or Add-ons with any hardware, software or other intellectual property not supplied by Xxxxx or not authorized in writing by Xxxxx to be so combined or merged by Customer.
Misuse means: (1) any use of Allocated Funds under the control of the Participating State or its administering entities identified in Annex 1 of the Allocation Agreement that is not an authorized use or is a prohibited use under the Act, the Allocation Agreement, or the SSBCI Policy Guidelines; (2) or any act or omission that enables other parties, including administering entities identified in Annex 1 of the Allocation Agreement, to misuse Allocated Funds, as described in clause 1.
Misuse means any use of the Subscription otherwise than in accordance with the Terms, the Documentation or any other instructions provided by Everon and/or applicable laws;
Misuse or “Misused” means any use of the Software in disregard of any known or reasonably anticipated adverse consequences, warning messages, or other written instructions.
Misuse means any use of Cellectis Confidential Information or Know-How by Allogene in violation of Allogene’s non-use obligations pursuant to this Agreement or outside the scope of the licenses granted hereunder. For the avoidance of doubt, “Misuse” will not include Allogene’s disclosure of Cellectis Confidential Information to any Third Party in violation of Article 7.
Misuse means the use of a medication (with therapeutic intent) other than as directed or as indicated whether willful or unintentional, and whether harm results or not.