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PNC Bank, National Association PNC Bank, National Association, by execution hereof by its division, Midland Loan Services, a Division of PNC Bank, National Association, acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement is binding upon and enforceable against PNC Bank, National Association to the full extent of the obligations set forth herein with respect to Midland Loan Services, a Division of PNC Bank, National Association.
Knowledge of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Except as otherwise expressly set forth in this Agreement, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association acting in any particular capacity hereunder will not be deemed to be imputed with knowledge of (a) Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, acting in a capacity that is unrelated to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, or (b) Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, acting in any other capacity hereunder, except, in the case of either clause (a) or clause (b), where some or all of the obligations performed in such capacities are performed by one or more employees within the same group or division of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, or where the groups or divisions responsible for performing the obligations in such capacities have one or more of the same Responsible Officers or Servicing Officers, as applicable.
Banking Association The Owner Trustee is a banking association satisfying Section 3807(a) of the Delaware Statutory Trust Act and meets the eligibility requirements of Section 9.1(a).
HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION The Property is not part of a development subject to the imposition of mandatory fees as defined by the Maryland Homeowner’s Association Act, unless acknowledged by attached addendum.
Association Establishment and all other expenses of the Association and also similar expenses of the Maintenance In-charge looking after the common purposes, until handing over the same to the Association.
Association Grievance The Association may file a grievance on its own behalf or on behalf of a unit member(s). The Association agrees to provide sufficient information to allow the District to investigate and respond to the grievance. If the alleged violation is not caused by a site- level decision, the grievance may be filed at Step 2.
Association Leave 3.2.1 For the purpose of furthering the collaborative work of the school district, the Board shall grant leave days to Association members to participate in negotiations and professional council according to the parameters specified in the respective Articles. The cost of these days will be shared equally between the District and the Association. The Board will also grant 10 additional days to members to conduct the business of the Association. These days will be reimbursed by MEA at the current substitute base rate of pay. Additional days may be granted provided they are mutually agreed upon by the Association President and the Superintendent or designee. Written requests for Association leave must be submitted to the School Director at least three (3) days in advance of use unless there is an emergency. In the event of emergency, requests must be submitted as early as possible (by telephone followed by a written request); but, in any event, prior to the use. No more than six (6) teachers District-wide shall be absent to conduct Association business at any one time.
National Housing Act Subject to the terms and provisions of the Servicing Agreement referred to above, the Mortgage Loans hereby assigned will be administered and serviced by the Bank, as agent of Assignee, in accordance with the National Housing Act (Canada) and National Housing Regulations (Canada).
National treatment
Association Dues 5.01 In every pay period, the Board shall deduct from every pay of each Occasional Teacher the appropriate amount of dues as authorized by the Constitution of the Association and directed by its Executive.