Waters Sample Clauses

Waters. 8.01 Without prior approval of Department, Lessee shall not locate any bore or core hole or any part of rig or slush pit within one hundred (100) feet, or more if required by District Forester, of any stream or body of water on State Forest lands, and hereby agrees to prevent the contamination or pollution of springs, xxxxxx, streams, or other waters on these lands in any manner whatsoever.
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Waters. There shall be no polluting, altering, manipulating, depleting or extracting of surface or subsurface water (including, but not limited to, ponds, creeks or other water courses) or any other water bodies on the Property, and there shall be no conducting or (to the extent in Grantor’s control) allowing any entity or person to conduct activities on the Property that would be detrimental to water purity or that alter the natural water level or flow in or over the Property (including, but not limited to, damming, dredging or construction in any free flowing water body, nor any manipulation or alteration of natural water courses, fresh water lake and pond shores, marshes or other water bodies). It is understood that with respect to the prohibited activities set forth in this Section 4(i), Grantor may not and will not engage in any such prohibited activities on the Property.
Waters. Except as permitted under the ARAP or DA Permit, there shall be no draining, ditching, diking, dredging, channelizing, damming, pumping, impounding, water withdrawals, or underground injection xxxxx; no changing the grade or elevation, impairing or diverting the flow or circulation of waters, or reducing the reach of waters; and no other discharge or activity requiring a permit under applicable clean water or water pollution control laws and regulations, as amended.
Waters. The portion of the sea under national jurisdiction and for which an hydrographic office normally establishes nautical charts from original data. Hydrography Branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the physical features of oceans, seas, coastal areas, lakes and rivers, as well as with the prediction of their evolution, for the primary purpose of safety of navigation and all other marines purposes and activities, including economic development, security and defence, scientific research, and environmental protection. (definitions set by the I.H.O). These activities include sealevel and tide measurement and analyses ; they contribute particulary to the improvement of mitigation on littoral (ICZM, environmental protection, tsunami warning system, etc…) and participate to the observing systems operated under the aegis of UNESCO / IOC.
Waters. Negligence. With regard to surface water, one may protect his land from surface water even to the damage of his neighbor and may only be held respon- sible in case of negligence.
Waters. An owner’s right to discharge surface water from his premises does not extend so far as to permit him to collect it in a volume, and by means of an arti- ficial channel discharge it upon another’s land contrary to the natural course of drainage to the latter’s damage and detriment.
Waters. Negligence. The right of the upper proprietor to discharge water is not absolute. The discharge must be done in a reasonable and careful manner and without negligence.
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Waters. The DPF plans to make a concerted effort to improve sanitation in the country to significantly change this situation. The DPF also envisages the adoption of a rational pricing mechanism, better financial and managerial discipline, and reforms to reduce transmission losses and grant greater financial and managerial autonomy to public sector utilities.
Waters. Landlord shall make available to the Leased Premises potable water for reasonable personal use for so long as it is made available to similarly-situated tenants at the Airport. Tenant shall bear the cost of connecting the Leased Premises to the water distribution system but shall have no further obligation to pay for water unless the Landlord adopts a generally applicable fee or other charge for potable water at the Airport, in which event Tenant may either discontinue water service or continue to receive water service at the determined cost.
Waters. 8.01 Without prior approval of Department, Grantee shall not locate any bore or core hole or well site clearing within two hundred (200) feet, of any stream, wetland or body of water or three hundred (300) feet of any exceptional value (EV) stream, wetland or body of water on State Parklands, or more if required by Park Manager, and hereby agrees to prevent the contamination or pollution of springs, xxxxxx, streams, or other waters on these lands in any manner whatsoever.
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