Voters Sample Clauses

Voters. Any citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina aged 18 or older whose name appears on the 1991 census for Bosnia and Herzegovina shall be eligible, in accordance with electoral rules and regulations, to vote. A citizen who no longer lives in the municipality in which he or she resided in 1991 shall, as a general rule, be expected to vote, in person or by absentee ballot, in that municipality, provided that the person is determined to have been registered in that municipality as confirmed by the local election commission and the Provisional Election Commission. Such a citizen may, however, apply to the Commission to cast his or her ballot elsewhere. The exercise of a refugee's right to vote shall be interpreted as confirmation of his or her intention to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina. By Election Day, the return of refugees should already be underway, thus allowing many to participate in person in elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Commission may provide in the electoral rules and regulations for citizens not listed in the 1991 census to vote.
Voters. Persons eligible to vote in elections for the Community Council under the Northern Manitoba Elections Regulation, Manitoba Regulation 43/93 made under The Northern Affairs Act may vote on whether or not to approve this Agreement.
Voters. War Lake Members, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of the vote, may vote on whether or not to approve this Agreement.
Voters. 12.1.2 representatives of the Issuer, the Guarantors and the Trustee;
Voters. 12.1.2 representatives of the Issuer and the Note Trustee;
Voters. 13.1.2 representatives of the Issuer, the Fiscal Agent and the Registrar;
Voters. Observers should talk to voters to judge their mood and confidence in the process. For example, when perfect conditions for a secret ballot do not exist, an observer should consider whether the voter believes that his or her vote is secret. Were voters well informed about their choices and familiar with the voting procedures? Domestic Observers Commitment 8 of the Copenhagen Document supports the presence of domestic observers in the polling stations. These may be either party affiliated observers, candidate representatives, or non-partisan civic observers. International observers should note whether domestic observers are present at the polling stations, and whether they have been restricted or hindered in any way from carrying out their observation duties. Their comments may offer additional insights into the voting environment at the polling station and the performance of the Polling Station Commission. Discussions with voters and domestic observers should be in confidence and with discretion, beyond the sight of the election authorities if necessary.

Related to Voters

  • Votes Every Voter shall have:

  • Inspectors of Elections (a) Prior to any meeting of the stockholders, the Board of Directors shall appoint one or more persons to act as Inspectors of Elections, and may designate one or more alternate inspectors. If no inspector or alternate is able to act, the person presiding at the meeting shall appoint one or more inspectors to act at the meeting. Each inspector, before entering upon the discharge of the duties of an inspector, shall take and sign an oath faithfully to execute the duties of inspector with strict impartiality and according to the best of such inspector's ability. The inspector shall:

  • Proxies The Custodian shall, with respect to the domestic securities held hereunder, cause to be promptly executed by the registered holder of such securities, if the securities are registered otherwise than in the name of the Portfolio or a nominee of the Portfolio, all proxies, without indication of the manner in which such proxies are to be voted, and shall promptly deliver to the Portfolio such proxies, all proxy soliciting materials and all notices relating to such securities.