Votes Sample Clauses

Votes. Every Voter shall have:
Votes. Every question submitted to any meeting of shareholders shall be decided in the first instance on a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded. In case of an equality of votes, the chairman of the meeting, both on a show of hands and on a poll, shall not have a second or casting vote in addition to the vote or votes to which he may be entitled as a shareholder. At any meeting, unless a poll is demanded, a declaration by the chairman of the meeting that a resolution has been carried unanimously or by a particular majority or lost or not carried unanimously or by a particular majority, along with an entry to that effect in the minute books of the Company, will constitute prima facia evidence of that fact without proof of the number or proportion of votes recorded in favour of or against such resolution. The chairman of the board, if any, shall preside at every meeting of shareholders of the Company. If there is no chairman of the board or if he is absent, the president of the Company shall preside as chairman and in his absence this right devolves to the vice-president(s) designated for the purpose of the board of directors. If at any meeting, none of the officers mentioned above is present within the first fifteen (15) minutes following the time fixed for the holding of the meeting, the shareholders present shall select from their number a chairman of such meeting. If at any meeting a poll is demanded on the election of a chairman or on the question of adjournment or termination, it shall be taken forthwith without adjournment. If a poll is demanded on any other question or as to the election of directors, it shall be taken in such manner and either at once or later at the meeting or after an adjournment as the chairman of the meeting directs. The result of a poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting at which the poll was demanded. A demand for a poll may be withdrawn. Where a person holds shares as a personal representative, such person or his proxy is the person entitled to vote at all meetings of shareholders in respect of the shares so held by him. Where two (2) or more persons hold the same share or shares jointly, any one of such persons present at a meeting of shareholders has the right, in the absence of the other or others, to vote in respect of such share or shares, but if more than one of such persons are present or represented by proxy and vote, they shall vote together as one on the share or shares jointly held by them.
Votes. Every Eligible Voter shall have one vote in respect of each euro 1,000 in aggregate face amount of the outstanding Note(s) represented or held by him. Unless the terms of any Voting Instruction state otherwise, an Eligible Voter shall not be obliged to exercise all the votes to which he is entitled or to cast all the votes which he exercises in the same way.
Votes. Every Voter shall have: (a) on a show of hands, one vote; and (b) on a poll, the number of votes obtained by dividing that fraction of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Note(s) represented or held by such Holder by the lowest denomination of the Notes. In the case of a voting tie the Chairman shall have a casting vote, provided that the Chairman is a Holder. If the Chairman is not a Holder, matters shall not be deemed approved in the event of a tie. Unless the terms of any Block Voting Instruction state otherwise, a Voter shall not be obliged to exercise all the votes to which such Voter is entitled or to cast all the votes which such Voter exercises in the same way.
Votes. 15.1 Every Voter shall have:
Votes. On matters on which Limited Partners are entitled to vote, each Limited Partner shall have the number of votes equal to the number of Class A Units held.
Votes. The PARTIES may vote at meetings, by telephone, confirmed in writing to OPERATOR; or by letter, telegram, telex or telecopies. However, any PARTY not attending a meeting must vote prior to the meeting in order to be counted. Provided, however, no vote shall be taken in a meeting in which all Parties are not present unless such vote was specifically set out in the formal agenda. OPERATOR shall give prompt notice of the results of such voting to each PARTY.