Union Dues Check-Off and Payroll Deductions Sample Clauses

Union Dues Check-Off and Payroll Deductions. A. The Board shall make payroll deductions for Union dues upon the request of any school support employee and shall transmit all such deducted funds to the Union, provided that the Union delivers to the Payroll Office a signed, written authorization thereto. Said written authorization may be revoked at any time. Such deduction for said revoking employee will cease at the next payroll period following the revocation, upon the expiration of this Agreement, or the termination of employment of said support employee (whichever occurs sooner). Upon receipt of a request, the School District shall notify the Union of the initiation or termination of payroll deductions within fifteen (15) business days.

Related to Union Dues Check-Off and Payroll Deductions

  • DUES CHECK-OFF I.7.2.1 The Board shall deduct once monthly from the salary of each member of the bargaining unit such monthly dues or other assessments for general Association purposes as are uniformly and regularly payable by a member of the Association authorized in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association and as certified in writing to the Board by the Association.

  • Payroll Deduction The Association shall provide the Employee Relations Director and the City with a current statement of membership fees. Such statement of membership fees shall be amended as necessary. The City may take up to thirty (30) days to implement such changes. Effective the second complete pay period commencing after the election or request or showing described in (b) and each pay period thereafter, the Controller shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular periodic payroll warrant of each City employee described in (a) thereof, and each pay period thereafter, the City shall make membership fee or service fee deductions, as appropriate, from the regular payroll warrant of each such employee. Nine (9) working days following payday the City will promptly pay over to the Association all sums withheld for membership or service fees.

  • Request for Dues Check Off Employees shall have the right to request and be allowed dues check off for the Exclusive Representative, provided that dues check off and the proceeds thereof shall not be allowed any employee organization that has lost its right to dues check off pursuant to the PELRA Upon receipt of a properly executed authorization card of the employee involved, the District will deduct from the employee’s paycheck the dues as specified by the Union.