Trim Sample Clauses

Trim. 1. At the request of the Client Agency, Contractor shall trim ornamental shrubs.
Trim. Built Green® Tip: Replace conventional trim products with alternates that are clad with prefinished metal. Metals are more durable, long lasting, require no maintenance, and because they are so much more durable (and longer living) than conventional trim products, they eventually reduce waste in landfills. Alternatives such as aluminum are also recyclable. Details Trim is required around all doors and windows that are visible from the front street or public view, including green space, front street, alley, etc. All doors and windows shall include trim around all 4 sides (except the Where trim is being used adjacent to stone cladding, the trim must be built out to provide relief of ½” minimum.
Trim. Finish deficiencies include visible scuffed, scratched, smudged, chipped, stained surfaces or finishes, but does not include minor imperfections of finishes (natural or synthetic) that do not materially detract from the appearance of the finish as a whole or whose existence remains a matter of subjective judgment only. Fit deficiencies include defects in materials or workmanship that are recognized under generally accepted standards of the building industry in California and that materially affect the functionality of a feature, product, or component of a dwelling, and/or the market value (future or present) of the same, in whole or in part.
Trim. A-Way, Registration No.1,780,004, issued on 7/6/93. b. QuitSystem, Registration No. 1,669,112, issued on 12/24/91 (issued to Labco Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and assigned to Overland Food Co. as of April 4, 2002). c. Anaplex (unregistered; assigned by Labco Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Delaware corporation, to Overland Food Co. as of April 4, 2002).
Trim. The range of a modern terrestrial laser scanner is several tens or hundreds metres. In a forest environment a point is often recorded in distance greater than 100 metres from a scanner position. A density of the point cloud decreases rapidly with an increasing distance from a scanner. The Trim module extracts points from the scanned area with the highest density of points. Distributions of points along main coordinate axes are calculated. A specified percentages of points are dropped from each side along axes. For example, if 2.5% is specified for x-axis, then a new extent in x-direction will contain 95% of points. Tails of point cloud, which are distant and have a low density of points are removed. Example: The original point cloud The trimmed point cloud
Trim. Contractor shall trim all groundcover to maintain height, shape and an overall neat clean appearance.
Trim. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement to the contrary, this Agreement is contingent upon allocation of funds under a final budget adopted through the TRIM process, s200.065, Florida Statutes. If the final budget thus adopted does not provide for such allocation, this Agreement shall be terminated, with neither party thereafter having any obligation or rights under this Agreement. Contractor will be notified of said termination within thirty (30) days of the adoption of the final budget.
Trim. (A) ’ The Company shall pay the following allowances per night to employees whose duties require them to sleep away from their base overnight. This allowance accommodation as well meals. With respect to such employees will not be paid for time off because of meals (minimum one half hour per meal). Effective October per night Canadian dollars. or employee who required to lay over without employment on a Saturday or Sunday away from his home terminal shall receive hotel accommodation allowance and meal allowance as stipulated above, and in addition, shall receive ten
Trim. Trim is the least of the design elements, not the focus of the design.
Trim. South and constitutes its valid and binding obligation, enforceable against it in accordance with its terms, except as limited by laws affecting creditors' rights or equitable principles generally.