Treasury Bills Sample Clauses

Treasury Bills. These are dematerialized debt instruments usually issued by a Government, sold at a discount on their par value and repaid at their par value (100%) on maturity, without any redeemable coupons. The principal risk associated with debt instruments is credit risk.
Treasury Bills. 15. The rate of interest on Treasury Bills taken up by the banks in Australia to be reduced to 4 per cent., and all other questions in relation to the Bills to be settled by the Loan Council in consultation with the banks. Loan Council.
Treasury Bills. The term
Treasury Bills. The Escrow Agent shall give the Seller and the Buyer prompt written notice of all reinvestments, including the reinvestment described in the preceding sentence, made by the Escrow Agent of the Escrowed Funds or any portion thereof.
Treasury Bills. Landlord agrees that in the event Tenant prevails in such proceeding that Tenant shall be entitled to the foregoing described damages as agreed final and liquidated damages. Tenant's lost profits for the remaining Term of this Lease shall be calculated by taking the average annual pre-tax profits from Tenant's operation at the Premises for the Tenant's previous three (3) full fiscal years (or if the period of Tenant's occupancy has not yet continued for three (3) full fiscal years, then the average annual profits from the Commencement Date to the date of Landlord's initial relocation notice shall be determined) and multiplying the average annual profit by a fraction the numerator of which shall be the number of months for which lost profits are to .be paid and the denominator of which shall be twelve (12). Tenant's profits shall be calculated using the generally accepted accounting procedures that are consistent with those used in all other stores operated by Tenant." Rider #72 - amending Section 9.13
Treasury Bills