The Ownership Sample Clauses

The Ownership. Party A shall provide the property ownership certificate, identification (i.e., business licence) and other documents, Party B shall provide identification documents. Both parties can copy the other party’s document after verification. All copies are only used for the purpose of the Agreement.
The Ownership. The parties agrees that the Authority shall be the owner of all of drawings, specifications, plans, documents, writings, works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, improvements and other work product (including any of the above in electronic form, and in the native software used for its development) prepared in the course of performance of the Services by the Consultant or any of its Subconsultants (collectively referred to as the “Materials”), and that all Materials will be provided to the Authority without additional charge. The Authority shall be free to make internal use of such Materials as it sees fit. In addition, Consultant agrees to execute and deliver (and to cause its Subconsultants to execute and deliver) to the Authority any and all applications, assignments, instruments or other documents which the Authority shall deem necessary to (a) apply for and obtain letters patent or copyrights of the United States or any foreign country or to otherwise protect the Authority’s interest in any such Materials; or (b) vest in the Authority title to such Materials. Such obligations shall continue beyond the termination of this Agreement with respect to Materials authored, conceived or made, in whole or in part, by Consultant or its Subconsultants during the Term of this Agreement, and such obligations shall be binding upon Consultant’s heirs, successors, assigns, executors, administrators and other legal representatives.

Related to The Ownership

  • Data Ownership BA acknowledges that BA has no ownership rights with respect to the Protected Information.

  • Joint Ownership If a Joint Owner is named in the application, then the Owner and Joint Owner share an undivided interest in the entire Contract as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. When an Owner and Joint Owner have been named, SBL will honor only requests for changes and the exercise of other Ownership rights made by both the Owner and Joint Owner. When a Joint Owner is named, all references to "Owner" throughout this Contract should be construed to mean both the Owner and Joint Owner, except for the "Statements" provision on page 9 and the "Death Benefit Provisions" on page 18.

  • Ownership Ownership of the Deposits during the effective term of the Registry Agreement shall remain with Registry Operator at all times. Thereafter, Registry Operator shall assign any such ownership rights (including intellectual property rights, as the case may be) in such Deposits to ICANN. In the event that during the term of the Registry Agreement any Deposit is released from escrow to ICANN, any intellectual property rights held by Registry Operator in the Deposits will automatically be licensed to ICANN or to a party designated in writing by ICANN on a non-­‐exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-­‐free, paid-­‐up basis, for any use related to the operation, maintenance or transition of the TLD.

  • Share Ownership No officer or director or any direct or indirect beneficial owner (including the Insiders) of any class of the Company’s unregistered securities is an owner of shares or other securities of any member of FINRA participating in the Offering (other than securities purchased on the open market).

  • Equipment Ownership The ownership of all equipment provided by the Contractor shall remain with the Contractor, and equipment shall be maintained by the Contractor in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and all Federal (including OSHA), New York State and local codes. The Contractor shall provide and maintain the collection equipment at the Authorized User’s facility(s) for use twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. If equipment is removed for longer than brief periods for emptying the container, it shall be replaced with equal type and capacity equipment to ensure continuous dumping ability. If not so provided, the Authorized User shall be provided with a rebate for the amount of time they were unable to dump and the Authorized User may seek "Remedies for Breach" as stated in Appendix B. If the equipment is owned by the Authorized User, the Authorized User assumes liability and costs associated with the equipment and a price reduction may be passed along to the Authorized User representing the difference in cost, if any, for the Contractor not having to provide the equipment.

  • Record Ownership The Company, or its attorney, shall maintain a register of the Holder of the Debentures (the "Register") showing their names and addresses and the serial numbers and principal amounts of Debentures issued to them. The Register may be maintained in electronic, magnetic or other computerized form. The Company may treat the person named as the Holder of this Debenture in the Register as the sole owner of this Debenture. The Holder of this Debenture is the person exclusively entitled to receive payments of interest on this Debenture, receive notifications with respect to this Debenture, convert it into Common Stock and otherwise exercise all of the rights and powers as the absolute owner hereof.

  • Company Ownership Company will own its respective right, title, and interest, including Intellectual Property Rights, in and to the Company Data. Company hereby grants BNYM a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable license to access and use the Company Data, and consents to BNYM’s permitting access to, transferring and transmitting Company Data, all as appropriate to Company’s use of the Licensed Rights or as contemplated by the Documentation.

  • Property Ownership The Fund owns or leases all such properties as are necessary to the conduct of its operations as presently conducted.

  • OWNERSHIP/TITLE The Licensed Software is the proprietary property of Symantec or its licensors and is protected by copyright law. Symantec and its licensors retain any and all rights, title and interest in and to the Licensed Software, including in all copies, improvements, enhancements, modifications and derivative works of the Licensed Software. Your rights to use the Licensed Software shall be limited to those expressly granted in this License Agreement. All rights not expressly granted to You are retained by Symantec and/or its licensors.

  • Management, Ownership The Company shall not materially change its ownership, executive staff or management without the prior written consent of the Secured Party. The ownership, executive staff and management of the Company are material factors in the Secured Party's willingness to institute and maintain a lending relationship with the Company.