The Joint Commission Sample Clauses

The Joint Commission. Audiologist acknowledges that SCVMC is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC) on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Audiologist’s performance under this Agreement shall comply with applicable TJC standards. Further, Audiologist agrees to cooperate with and/or participate in any TJC review or survey as requested by the County and/or TJC.
The Joint Commission. To the extent applicable with respect to providing the Services, Vendor agrees to cooperate with Customer as necessary for Customer to meet or exceed any standards and requirements of The Joint Commission (“TJC”), as they currently exist and as they may be amended in the future, and will assist Customer in preparation for, during, and in responding to TJC reviews.
The Joint Commission. 1. The Parties hereby establish a Joint Commission, comprising cabinet-level representatives of the Parties, or their designees.
The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission shall have the composition, functions and rules of operation specified hereunder:
The Joint Commission. 1. The Contracting Parties agree to establish a Joint Commission composed of their representatives.
The Joint Commission. The entity that evaluates and accredits or certifies health care organizations or programs. THERAPEUTIC MANIPULATION. Treatment of the articulations of the spine and musculoskeletal structures for the purpose of relieving certain abnormal clinical conditions resulting from the impingement upon associated nerves causing discomfort. Some examples are manipulation or adjustment of the spine, hot or cold packs, electrical muscle stimulation, diathermy, skeletal adjustments, massage, adjunctive, ultra-sound, doppler, whirlpool , hydrotherapy or other treatment of similar nature.
The Joint Commission. 1. The Parties shall hereby establish the Joint Commission, which shall be cochaired by two representatives – one from the EAEU and the EAEU Member States, represented by a Member of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the other – from the Government of China at the Ministerial Level or its designated representatives. The Parties shall be represented by senior officials officially nominated for this purpose.
The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission standards under which Favorite is certified relate to quality and safety of care issues as impacted by Favorite’s temporary healthcare professionals. Anyone believing that he or she has pertinent and valid concerns about such matters should report these to the management of Favorite Healthcare Staffing either at the branch office or the corporate office (please see our web site at for contact information). If the concerns cannot be resolved through Favorite, the individual is encouraged to contact The Joint Commission. Phone: 000-000-0000 E-Mail: Fax: 000-000-0000 Online: Mail: Office of Quality and Patient Safety The Joint Commission Xxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX 00000
The Joint Commission. UW Medicine shall operate the Medical Center in accordance with the standards of The Joint Commission and shall ensure that the Medical Center maintains such accreditation. UW Medicine shall be responsible for the preparation for any survey conducted by The Joint Commission that may occur during the term of the Agreement. UW Medicine shall notify and seek input from the Board with respect to all identified deficiencies, shall respond to the Board and adequately address all such deficiencies.