Performance Expectations Sample Clauses

Performance Expectations. The Charter School’s performance in relation to the indicators, measures, metrics and targets set forth in the Comprehensive Performance Framework shall provide the basis upon which the SCSC will decide whether to renew the Charter School’s Charter Contract at the end of the Charter term. This section shall not preclude the SCSC from considering other factors when relevant.
Performance Expectations. The performance reporting, monitoring, evaluation and management of NMHS in relation to the terms of this Agreement is prescribed in the Performance Policy Framework and Performance Management Policy (PMP). See:
Performance Expectations. Expected performance under this Contract includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Performance Expectations. 12.2.1 The appropriate Manager will identify performance expectations for each probationary Employee on initial and subsequent appointments and at each step of the probationary procedure.
Performance Expectations. Based upon its standard engineering evaluations, Link analysis, expected weather patterns for the Link to be installed, manufacturer's Equipment specifications, anticipated site environment and ART's experience, ART expects to provide the Services, with a Bit Error Rate of better than 10-13 over each Circuit in unfaded conditions, and Service over each Circuit that has an Availability of better than 99.995% in the aggregate during each month. Purchaser expressly acknowledges that: (i) this Section sets forth the parties' expectations only; (ii) ART is not obligated to meet the Performance Expectations of this Section 9.1.; (iii) that such failure shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement, provided that ART is exercising reasonable efforts to meet these expectations; and (iv) Purchaser is entitled only to Outage credits as specified in Section 12 for any failure by ART to meet the Performance Expectations of this Section 9.1.
Performance Expectations. 1. Recognize and portray a positive image in support of District goals, vision and policies.
Performance Expectations. Islands Trust endeavours to support minute takers with appropriate training and orientation as well as on-going support so that high quality minutes are produced. If, despite the provision of adequate training and orientation, the quality of the minutes or standard of conduct fails to consistently meet expectations, the situation will be reviewed by Islands Trust management.