Modalities Sample Clauses

Modalities. 1. The Parties shall establish working groups for mutually agreed upon topics. Each working group will include participation, as appropriate, from the competent authorities of the Parties. Third party participation in working groups shall be only by mutual consent of the Parties.
Modalities. The following modalities shall be applicable to any substitution of the Corporation by the Selectee pursuant to this Agreement:
Modalities. Except as provided in paragraph (1) of Article XI or in Section 5 of the Terms of the Notes, any transfer by the Company as per (1) and (2) above, shall be made in US Dollars freely disposable, without any restrictions, and whatever the circumstances may be, irrespective of the nationality or domicile of the holder of Notes and/or Coupons, and without requiring any affidavit, or the fulfilment of any other formality.
Modalities. Each Customer modality connected to the EDI Software and Services Solutions must have a published DICOM format (or successor industry standard) conformance statement. Philips will provide connectivity testing for all Modalities without charge for the initial installation per the project implementation plan. Thereafter, any such services shall be chargeable at Philips then current professional services rates. Philips will not validate the quality of the data generated by Customer modalities. Philips will confirm that the modality will connect to the EDI Software and Services Solutions and the EDI Software and Services Solutions will be able to store and display the data as delivered by the modality. Philips will cooperate with Customer’s Modality vendors without charge to troubleshoot any Modality connectivity issues.
Modalities. 1. The follow-up will be based on reports requested from Members under article 19, paragraph 5(e), of the Constitution. The report forms will be drawn up so as to obtain information from governments which have not ratified one or more of the fundamental Conventions, on any changes which may have taken place in their law and practice, taking due account of article 23 of the Constitution and established practice.
Modalities. 1. The report will be drawn up under the responsibility of the Director- General on the basis of official information, or information gathered and assessed in accordance with established procedures. In the case of States which have not ratified the fundamental Conventions, it will be based in particular on the findings of the aforementioned annual follow-up. In the case of Members which have ratified the Conventions concerned, the report will be based in particular on reports as dealt with pursuant to article 22 of the Constitution.
Modalities. Subscriber agrees to pay the total amount due hereunder (including applicable fees and taxes) by direct withdrawal to his bank account, by credit card accepted by the Supplier (Visa, Master Card). If the Subscriber chooses the direct withdrawal payment option, the Subscriber agrees to complete and sign Schedule B entitled "PAYOR'S PAD AGREEMENT" which forms an integral part of the Contract. It shall also ensure that any changes to the information appearing in the authorization are promptly transmitted to the Provider to avoid any interruption in the electronic transfer of funds (ETF). If the credit card payment option is chosen, the Subscriber will have to give the Supplier or enter himself in the billing portal the information of his card number, expiry date, name on the card and code. security. Before the expiration of the card, the Subscriber must update his new data before the billing cycle.