Successor Body definition

Successor Body means a body which is not a Central Government Body or if a body which is not a Central Government Body succeeds DFID;
Successor Body has the meaning given in Clause 37.4 (Assignation and Novation);
Successor Body means a body approved by the Directors, established to succeed Capilano Beekeepers Ltd or any successor to Capilano Beekeepers Ltd with similar objects to Capilano Beekeepers Ltd for the purposes of holding the Foundation Share.

Examples of Successor Body in a sentence

  • The findings of the study proved correlation between gender differences and possible outcome of childhood nutrients and immunization.

  • This report recommends that the Council reaffirms its support to the West Itchen Community Trust for its work in overseeing the continued regeneration of a deprived community, by transferring £386,000 of clawback to it as Successor Body to the SRB2 programme.

  • Although establishing a new organisation as a Successor Body to ABCD was not a need for the ABCD Board a separate ABCD Trust was set up as a Company Limited by Guarantee to acquire and own property and other assets.

  • Cabinet approved the establishment of West Itchen Community Trust (WICT) as the Successor Body to the SRB2 programme in October 2002 to oversee the continued regeneration of the area.

  • Successor Body shall have the meaning given to that term in Clause 32.2 (Assignment and Other Dealings).

  • Successor Body shall have the meaning given to that term in Clause 32.2 (Assignment and Other Dealings).Supplier's Equipment means any equipment belonging to the Supplier which is used by the Supplier in the supply of the Services to the Council.

  • Clayton, „A Successor Body to the Mental Health Act Commission‟ (2000) 4 Journal of Mental Health Law 157; M.

  • After conducting due diligence the Trustees approved the application and NSAH became a participating Subsidiary Successor Body on 1 October 2008.Polymer Industry Education and Training Trust Limited (PIETT) participation in the Scheme terminated on 30 September 2008.

  • OncoMab or the Successor Body Corporate retains rights in respect of the Technology Licence.

  • The NDC Successor Body would have no direct involvement in the running of the Centre but would perform an ‘overview & scrutiny’ role to ensure that appropriate services are developed and sustained and affordable access is available for community groups.

More Definitions of Successor Body

Successor Body has the meaning given in clause 36.3 (Assignation and Novation);
Successor Body means a successor to a public agency listed in column 1 of the Schedule, or to a body that is to be treated as a public agency pursuant to section 23.921(1)(c) of the Act and which is listed in column 1 if, in the opinion of the Minister, there is a successor body;
Successor Body means any successor body of the Audit Agents;
Successor Body has the meaning given in Clause 37.4;

Related to Successor Body

  • Successor Rate means a successor to or replacement of the Original Reference Rate which is formally recommended by any Relevant Nominating Body.

  • Corporate Transaction means the consummation, in a single transaction or in a series of related transactions, of any one or more of the following events:

  • Successor means an entity that has replaced a predecessor by acquiring the assets and carrying out the affairs of the predecessor under a new name (often through acquisition or merger). The term "successor" does not include new offices/divisions of the same company or a company that only changes its name. The extent of the responsibility of the successor for the liabilities of the predecessor may vary, depending on State law and specific circumstances.

  • Substitution Event means, in respect of a Share, any Nationalization, Insolvency or Delisting in respect of such Share, or any Merger Event or Tender Offer in respect of such Share that is deemed by the Calculation Agent to be a Substitution Event, or an occurrence and continuation for at least eight consecutive applicable Exchange Business Days of a Market Disruption Event in respect of such Share.

  • Related Body Corporate has the meaning given to that term in the Corporations Act;