The Initial Notes Sample Clauses

The Initial Notes. The Company will authorize, as the initial Series of Senior Notes hereunder, the issue and sale of $597,500,000 aggregate principal amount of its 3.10% Senior Notes due June 29, 2046 (the “Initial Notes”). The Initial Notes shall be substantially in the form set out in Exhibit B-1, with such changes therefrom, if any, as may be approved by each Purchaser and the Obligors.
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The Initial Notes. Subject to the satisfaction (or waiver in accordance with Section 10.9) of the conditions precedent set forth in Section 4.1, the Company shall issue and sell to each Initial Purchaser, and each Initial Purchaser shall purchase from the Company, an Initial Note on the Initial Closing Date in a principal amount equal to the amount opposite such Initial Purchaser’s name set forth in the Schedule of Purchasers under the header ‘Initial Purchasers’ attached hereto as Schedule 2. By no later than 11:00 a.m. (New York time) on the Initial Closing Date (i) each Initial Purchaser shall wire transfer same day funds in U.S. dollars, at the Note Agent’s Principal Office, in the amount of such Initial Purchaser’s Initial Note and (ii) the Company shall issue and deliver to each such Initial Purchaser an Initial Note in favor of such Initial Purchaser payable in the principal amount of such Initial Purchaser’s Initial Note.
The Initial Notes. The Initial Notes, with an aggregate principal amount of US$6,000,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$46,800,000) shall be issued to the Subscribers on the Completion Date.
The Initial Notes. (viii) The following Security Documents to be executed on the Closing Date, duly executed and delivered by each Restricted Party or party thereto:

Related to The Initial Notes

  • Initial Notes On the Issue Date, there will be originally issued four hundred million dollars ($400,000,000) aggregate principal amount of Notes, subject to the provisions of this Indenture (including Section 2.02). Notes issued pursuant to this Section 2.03(A), and any Notes issued in exchange therefor or in substitution thereof, are referred to in this Indenture as the “Initial Notes.”

  • Special Notes The Seller’s warranty replacement and aftermarket service parts will be made available through Authorized Wholesalers, Distributors, certain OEM and National Accounts or from Seller directly depending on the market place. Only the Seller’s certified parts are to be used for in-warranty replacement of defective parts supplied on the Seller’s products. All warranty parts are shipped either freight collect or pre-paid and charged via the most economical means as determined by the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to furnish refurbished parts for service replacements. The Seller reserves the right to replace defective part(s) on an assembly rather than replacing the complete assembly. The Seller reserves the right to inspect all parts removed and or replaced in the course of effecting repairs that will be invoiced to the Seller under the terms and conditions of the warranty policy. This inspection time and location is at the discretion of Seller. All in-warranty parts that are defective and not required to be returned to the Seller MUST NOT be scrapped until a warranty credit is issued. Special circumstances may dictate that a certain item must be returned to the Seller for analysis. Care must be taken to avoid premature disposal of any part(s) prior to authorization or issuance of a credit note.

  • Additional Notes The Company may, from time to time, subject to compliance with any other applicable provisions of this Indenture, without notice to or consent of the Holders of the Notes, create and issue pursuant to this Indenture additional Notes (“Additional Notes”) having terms and conditions set forth in this Supplemental Indenture, identical to the Notes issued on the date hereof, except that Additional Notes may:

  • General Notes 1. The listing below, may or may not contain all of the potential Project Design Criteria for a Project.

  • Exchange Notes The 4.875% Notes due 2026 of the same series under the Indenture as the Notes, to be issued to Holders in exchange for Registrable Notes pursuant to this Agreement.

  • New Notes For so long as a Note is not included in a Securitization, the Holder of such Note (the “Resizing Holder”) shall have the right, subject to the terms of the Mortgage Loan Documents, to cause the Borrower to execute amended and restated notes (“Amended Notes”) or additional notes (“New Notes”) reallocating the principal of the Note or Notes that it owns (but in no case any Note that it does not then own) among Amended Notes and New Notes or severing a Note into one or more further “component” notes in the aggregate principal amount equal to the then outstanding principal balance of the Note or Notes being amended or created, provided that (i) the aggregate principal balance of the Amended Notes and New Notes following such amendments is no greater than the principal balance of the Amended Notes and New Notes prior to such amendments, (ii) all New Notes continue to have the same interest rate as the Amended Note of which it was a part prior to such amendments, (iii) all New Notes pay pro rata and on a pari passu basis with the Amended Notes and such reallocated or component notes shall be automatically subject to the terms of this Agreement and (iv) the Resizing Holder holding the New Notes shall notify each other Holder, as applicable, and, if any other Note has been included in a securitization, the parties under each applicable PSA, in writing (which may be by email) of such modified allocations and principal amounts. In connection with the foregoing, (1) the Master Servicer is hereby authorized to execute amendments to the Loan Agreement and this Agreement (or to amend and restate the Loan Agreement and this Agreement) on behalf of any or all of the Holders for the purpose of reflecting such reallocation of principal or such severing of a Note, (2) if a Note is severed into “component” notes, such component notes shall each have their same rights as the respective original Note, (3) the definition of the term “Securitization” and all of the related defined terms may be amended (and new terms added, as necessary) to reflect the New Notes and (4) if Note A-1 is severed into “component” notes, another note (or one of the New Notes) may be substituted for Note A-1 in the definition of “Designated Holder” and “Directing Holder” and the definitions of “Lead Note” and “Lead Securitization” and “Non-Directing Holder” will be revised accordingly. Neither Rating Agency Confirmation nor approval of the Directing Holder shall be required for any amendments to this Agreement required to facilitate the terms of this Section 18(a). The Resizing Holder whose Note is being reallocated or split pursuant to this Section 18(a) shall reimburse the other Holders for all costs and expenses incurred by the other Holders in connection with the reallocation or split.

  • Additional Notes; Repurchases The Company may, without the consent of the Holders and notwithstanding Section 2.01, reopen this Indenture and issue additional Notes hereunder with the same terms as the Notes initially issued hereunder (other than differences in the issue price and interest accrued prior to the issue date of such additional Notes) in an unlimited aggregate principal amount; provided that if any such additional Notes are not fungible with the Notes initially issued hereunder for U.S. federal income tax purposes, such additional Notes shall have a separate CUSIP number. Prior to the issuance of any such additional Notes, the Company shall deliver to the Trustee a Company Order, an Officers’ Certificate and an Opinion of Counsel, such Officers’ Certificate and Opinion of Counsel to cover such matters, in addition to those required by Section 17.05, as the Trustee shall reasonably request. In addition, the Company may, to the extent permitted by law, and directly or indirectly (regardless of whether such Notes are surrendered to the Company), repurchase Notes in the open market or otherwise, whether by the Company or its Subsidiaries or through a private or public tender or exchange offer or through counterparties to private agreements, including by cash-settled swaps or other derivatives. The Company shall cause any Notes so repurchased (other than Notes repurchased pursuant to cash-settled swaps or other derivatives) to be surrendered to the Trustee for cancellation in accordance with Section 2.08 and such Notes shall no longer be considered outstanding under this Indenture upon their repurchase.

  • Issuance of Additional Notes The Company may, subject to Article Four of this Indenture, issue additional Notes under this Indenture. The Notes issued on the Closing Date and any additional Notes subsequently issued shall be treated as a single class for all purposes under this Indenture.

  • ISSUE OF GLOBAL NOTES 3.1 Subject to subclause 3.4, following receipt of a faxed copy of the applicable Final Terms signed by the Issuer, the Issuer authorises the Agent and the Agent agrees, to take the steps required of the Agent in the Procedures Memorandum.

  • Certificated Notes Except as provided in Section 2.3 or 2.4, owners of beneficial interests in Restricted Global Notes shall not be entitled to receive physical delivery of certificated Notes. Certificated Notes shall not be exchangeable for beneficial interests in Global Notes, except with the consent of the Company.

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