Purchase of Initial Notes Sample Clauses

Purchase of Initial Notes. Subject to the satisfaction (or waiver) of the conditions set forth in Sections 6(a) and 7(a) below, the Company shall issue and sell to each Buyer, and each Buyer severally, but not jointly, agrees to purchase from the Company on the Initial Closing Date (as defined below) an Initial Note in the original principal amount as is set forth opposite such Buyer’s name in column (3) on the Schedule of Buyers (the “Initial Closing”).
Purchase of Initial Notes. The Purchasers shall not be required to purchase the Initial Notes hereunder unless the Company has satisfied each of the following conditions:

Related to Purchase of Initial Notes

  • Purchase of Notes The Company will not and will not permit any Subsidiary or any Affiliate to purchase, redeem, prepay or otherwise acquire, directly or indirectly, any of the outstanding Notes except (a) upon the payment or prepayment of the Notes in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Notes or (b) pursuant to a written offer to purchase any outstanding Notes made by the Company or an Affiliate pro rata to the holders of all the Notes then outstanding upon the same terms and conditions. Any such offer shall provide each holder with sufficient information to enable it to make an informed decision with respect to such offer, and shall remain open for at least ten (10) Business Days. If the holders of more than 50% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes then outstanding accept such offer, the Company shall promptly notify the remaining holders of Notes of such fact and the expiration date for the acceptance by holders of Notes of such offer shall be extended by the number of days necessary to give each such remaining holder at least five (5) Business Days from its receipt of such notice to accept such offer. The Company will promptly cancel all Notes acquired by it or any Subsidiary or any Affiliate pursuant to any payment, prepayment or purchase of Notes pursuant to any provision of this Agreement and no Notes may be issued in substitution or exchange for any such Notes.