Variation to Services Schedule Sample Clauses

Variation to Services Schedule. (1) The parties acknowledge that the Services that the Bureau will provide to Emergency Services Agencies will evolve over time and that certain Services may be introduced and withdrawn by the Bureau from time to time. The Bureau does not warrant that any particular Service will always be available, or will be available at a particular time.
Variation to Services Schedule. The parties acknowledge that the Services that the Bureau will provide to Emergency Services Agencies will evolve over time and that certain Services may be introduced and withdrawn by the Bureau from time to time. The Bureau does not warrant that any particular Service will always be available, or will be available at a particular time. To further the objectives of this Agreement, the parties agree that the Bureau may vary the Services that it provides to Emergency Services Agencies by varying the Services Schedule in accordance with this clause 3.4, without the need for formal variation to this Agreement, or further agreement between the Bureau and the Emergency Services Agencies. If the Bureau wishes to vary a Services Schedule, the Bureau will submit the proposed variation to the Hazards Services Forum, and will consult the Hazards Services Forum and the States and Territories, at all times acting reasonably and consistent with the purpose and objectives of this Agreement. The Hazards Services Forum may also, from time to time, after consulting with the States and Territories and the Bureau, submit proposed variations to the Services Schedules to the Bureau. The Bureau will have full regard to the recommendation and advice of the Hazards Services Forum and act reasonably in determining any proposed variation to the Services Schedules. The parties acknowledge that the Bureau may also have regard to other factors such as available resources, operational limitations and any applicable policy considerations. If the Bureau varies a Services Schedule, the Bureau will notify the Hazards Services Forum of the variation, and the variation will take effect on the Hazards Services Forum’s receipt of such notice. The Hazards Services Forum will agree on and establish a formal process through which variations to the Services Schedules will be proposed, considered and implemented in that Forum. Fire Weather Services The parties acknowledge the following, which provides context to this clause 4: The Bureau has historical and statutory responsibility for the issue of warnings of weather conditions likely to endanger life or property, including weather conditions likely to give rise to bush fires. The responsibility for bush fire preparation, response and warnings of bush fires lies with State and Territory governments and local governments. This includes the determination of Fire Danger Ratings using a range of criteria incorporating forecast weather provided by the B...

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  • Changes to Services The Parties acknowledge and agree that there will be changes to the scope of the Services during the Contract Period. The Customer may amend the Stories that are comprised within the Minimum Marketable Features of a Release at any time during the Release at no additional charge and without adopting the Change Control Procedure set out in Clause 28 above provided that: the Customer shall not be entitled to make any changes to the Stories that form the subject of a Sprint following the mutual agreement by the Parties of the Sprint Plan for that Sprint; new Stories and/or changes to existing Stories may only be introduced if: existing Stories with an equivalent number of Story Points are removed; or existing Stories are reduced in size by the equivalent number of Story Points, such that the total number of Story Points for the Release remains constant throughout the Release. The Supplier shall consider any request by the Customer to increase the number of Story Points for a Release, and may, subject to the Change Control Procedure set out at Clause 28, agree to such request.

  • Penalties for Non-compliance to Service Level Agreement Where the Supplier/Service Provider fails to deliver the Goods/Services within the agreed and accepted milestone timelines and provided that the cause of the delay was not due to a fault of Transnet, penalties shall be imposed at …………………………………………………… .

  • Additional Provisions Relating to Customer 6.1 Representations of Customer and Bank

  • Amendment to Schedule The Assignor authorizes the Agent to modify this Patent Agreement, without the necessity of the Assignor's further approval or signature, by amending Schedule A hereto to include any future or other Patents or Patent Rights under Sec.2 or Sec.5 hereof.

  • Access to Services 1. Subject to DHCS provider enrollment certification requirements, the Contractor shall maintain continuous availability and accessibility of covered services and facilities, service sites, and personnel to provide the covered services through use of DMC certified providers. Such services shall not be limited due to budgetary constraints.

  • Amendment to Schedules Each party hereto agrees that, with respect to the representations and warranties of such party contained in this Agreement, such party shall have the right and continuing obligation until the Closing Date to supplement or amend promptly the Shareholders Disclosure Schedule, the Company Disclosure Schedule or the Buyer Disclosure Schedule (collectively, referred to as the “Disclosure Schedules”) with respect to any matter that would have been or would be required to be set forth or described in the Disclosure Schedules in order to not materially breach any representation, warranty or covenant of such party contained herein. Each amendment or supplement to any Disclosure Schedule shall be clearly marked so as to indicate the amending or supplemental information contained therein, which shall be presented in appropriate detail, and shall be delivered prior to the Closing Date and in the manner provided in Section 8.3. In the event that the Company or Shareholders amend or supplement the Disclosure Schedules pursuant to this Section 3.4 and such amendment or supplement constitutes or reflects, individually or in the aggregate, a material adverse change to the business, assets or prospects of the Company or the Shareholders (all determined in good faith by the Buyer) then Buyer may, by notice to the Company and the Shareholders given not less than one (1) business day prior to the scheduled Closing Date, terminate this Agreement and no party shall have any further obligation hereunder except as specified in Section 5.2.

  • Amendment to Schedule A The parties agree to amend Exhibit A to reflect the most updated information regarding Funds and Shares relevant to this Agreement. The parties agree that notwithstanding Section 15.4 of this Agreement, Schedule A may be amended without an executed written amendment if an Authorized Person delivers by email to Transfer Agent’s Relationship Manager a copy of an amended and restated Schedule A, dated as of the date such amended and restated Schedule A is intended to be effective, and a member of Transfer Agent’s Relationship Management team acknowledges in a responding email that the amended and restated Schedule A has been received. To the extent Schedule A is amended to add a Fund, Fund must provide Transfer Agent with the documents listed in Section 2.2 of this Agreement in relation to such Fund on a timeline mutually agreed by the parties.

  • Changes to Service We may, from time to time, modify the Service to reflect improvements and other changes and modifications to our network. In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue or limit Service as required to comply with or satisfy our obligations under applicable laws or regulations, including when changes to or interpretations of such laws and regulations have a material, adverse effect on the business, technical or economic feasibility of providing Service, as determined by us in our reasonable judgment.

  • REMOTE ACCESS SERVICES ADDENDUM The Custodian and each Fund agree to be bound by the terms of the Remote Access Services Addendum hereto.

  • Disruption to Payment Systems etc If either the Agent determines (in its discretion) that a Disruption Event has occurred or the Agent is notified by the Company that a Disruption Event has occurred: