Technical Bulletins Sample Clauses

Technical Bulletins. A Technical Bulletin (TB) will be used to explain updated processes, provisions or monitoring requirements as Florida Housing receives updates, clarification and additional guidance with respect to the CRF funds. TBs will also be used to clarify, discuss, interpret, and provide guidance for contract administration issues related to this Agreement. TBs will be posted at xxxxx:// housing's-coronavirus-relief-fund, and Grantee is encouraged to regularly check for TBs.
Technical Bulletins l Members are requested to register for technical bulletins to keep up to date with the latest requirements, this can be done via xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxx- xxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx.
Technical Bulletins. ‌ Technical bulletins are periodically sent to customers with information relating to their system. The bulletins are sent via e-mail and can be provided to any number of people identified by the NLVPD.
Technical Bulletins. Seller will develop and provide technical reports and customer consumable technical bulletins on field preventable outages, defective software, software release availability and retirement. Seller will distribute all product technical reports and bulletins to Nortel as such reports and bulletins are published by the Seller. The reports and bulletins will include all product advisories, customer advisory bulletins, notices of change or notices of intent for software loads or hardware revisions, and any documentation that could impact products purchased by Nortel. Further, the content of such described reports and bulletins will include at a minimum: ticket number, text, problem description, RCA if known, fix id, target release, target availability, bulletin id. The supplier will deliver the described reports and bulletins to Nortel via a generic email account provided by Nortel or to an internal Nortel drop box, whichever Nortel may designate in writing to the supplier from time to time. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, Nortel may make the reports and bulletins available to all Nortel employees and contractors with a need to know and all Nortel customers that have purchased or are considering purchasing the supplier’s products from Nortel. Seller will provide Nortel with continuous access to all of Seller’s “eService” portfolio, knowledge management systems, known issue lists or problem tracking databases (Problem Databases) for products. Seller will also include Nortel on general customer Communications (i.e., not necessarily specific to products purchased by Nortel) such as technical bulletins and hardware or software update Communications.

Related to Technical Bulletins

  • Technical Standards The Generation System shall be installed and operated by the Interconnection Customer consistent with the requirements of this Agreement; the Technical Requirements; the applicable requirements located in the National Electrical Code (NEC); the applicable standards published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE); and local building and other applicable ordinances in effect at the time of the installation of the Generation System.

  • Technical Data For the purpose of this Agreement, "TECHNICAL DATA" shall mean all information of the Company in written, graphic or tangible form relating to any and all products which are developed, formulated and/or manufactured by the Company, as such information exists as of the Effective Date or is developed by the Company during the term hereof.

  • Technical Specifications 1. A procuring entity shall not prepare, adopt or apply any technical specification or prescribe any conformity assessment procedure with the purpose or effect of creating an unnecessary obstacle to trade between the Parties.

  • Technical 15 - Foreign Affairs Training for professional skills of a specialized nature in the methods and techniques of such fields as foreign languages, foreign culture, intelligence (foreign affairs/intelligence), diplomacy, or strategic studies. Technical

  • Technical Reports (a) Contracting Authority agrees that, if at the date of this Project Agreement, except as disclosed in any Background Information or as otherwise disclosed by Contracting Authority or any Contracting Authority Party or known by Project Co or any Project Co Party, any of the information in the Technical Reports is, to the actual knowledge of Contracting Authority, incorrect or there is relevant information in the possession or control of Contracting Authority that would make any of the information in the Technical Reports incorrect, then, to the extent that such incorrect information materially adversely interferes with Project Co’s ability to perform the Works or materially adversely affects Project Co’s cost of performing the Works, such incorrect information shall, subject to and in accordance with Schedule 22 – Variation Procedure, result in a Variation.

  • TECHNICAL EVALUATION (a) Detailed technical evaluation shall be carried out by Purchase Committee pursuant to conditions in the tender document to determine the substantial responsiveness of each tender. For this clause, the substantially responsive bid is one that conforms to all the eligibility and terms and condition of the tender without any material deviation. The Institute’s determination of bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence. The Institute shall evaluate the technical bids also to determine whether they are complete, whether required sureties have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed and whether the bids are in order.

  • Inspection of Goods 8.1 The Buyer shall inspect the goods upon delivery.

  • Technical Safeguards SSA and OPM will process the data matched and any data created by the match under the immediate supervision and control of authorized personnel in a manner that will protect the confidentiality of the data, so that unauthorized persons cannot retrieve any data by computer, remote terminal, or other means. Systems personnel must enter personal identification numbers when accessing data on the agencies’ systems. SSA and OPM will strictly limit authorization to those electronic data areas necessary for the authorized analyst to perform his or her official duties.

  • Technical Regulations 1. The rights and obligations of the Parties in respect of technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment shall be governed by the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.

  • DAF Specifications Developer shall submit initial specifications for the DAF, including System Protection Facilities, to Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO at least one hundred eighty (180) Calendar Days prior to the Initial Synchronization Date; and final specifications for review and comment at least ninety (90) Calendar Days prior to the Initial Synchronization Date. Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO shall review such specifications to ensure that the DAF are compatible with the technical specifications, operational control, and safety requirements of the Connecting Transmission Owner and NYISO and comment on such specifications within thirty (30) Calendar Days of Developer’s submission. All specifications provided hereunder shall be deemed to be Confidential Information.