Sustained Sample Clauses

Sustained. 2. Not Sustained After sustaining any violation, the AAB will:
Sustained. The internal investigation determined that there was a violation of agency rules and/or regulations. Unfounded –The internal investigation determined that allegations are false or not supported by the facts. SCHEDULE C REQUIREMENTS FOR PAY ADVANCEMENT The JSO Human Resources Division Director shall submit in writing to the City’s Director of Employee Services the advancement in salary of each employee who has met the requirements for pay advancement as provided herein. Provided the following conditions are met, the employee’s advancement through the steps of the Pay Grade to which assigned shall be automatic, beginning on the first day of the first pay period following completion of one (1) year of continuous service subsequent to his/her date of employment if the following conditions are met: Conditions:
Sustained. (Other): The investigation revealed that the employee committed a violation other than the original allegation(s). Each other finding must list a classification and have an incident violation cited.