Internal Investigations Sample Clauses

Internal Investigations. Section 1. It is understood that the University has the right to expect that a professional standard of conduct be adhered to by all law enforcement personnel regardless of rank or assignment. Since internal investigations may be undertaken to inquire into complaints of misconduct, the university reserves the right to conduct such investigations to uncover the facts in each case, but expressly agrees to carefully guard and protect the rights and dignity of accused employees.
Internal Investigations. A. Employees shall be notified in writing at the beginning of a formal internal investigation unless such notification would jeopardize such investigation.
Internal Investigations. A. The employee shall be informed of the nature of the investigation prior to questioning and shall be informed to the extent known at that time, whether the investigation is focused on the member for potential disciplinary charges.
Internal Investigations. The Employer shall give employees notice of the status of internal investigations when completed and the disposition thereof within fourteen (14) days of the disposition. If an internal investigation is not sustained, within fourteen (14) days of the determination of not sustained the Employer shall notify the officer in writing that the investigation was not sustained.
Internal Investigations. Bargaining unit members required to respond to questions during internal investigations shall, when applicable, be informed of their constitutional rights and responsibilities. Before a bargaining unit member may be charged with insubordination or like offense for refusing to answer questions or participate in an investigation, he shall be advised that such conduct, if continued, may be the basis for such a charge. All members shall be obligated to cooperate in any investigation conducted. At any time a formal investigation concerning a bargaining unit member occurs wherein disciplinary action of record (reprimand of record, suspension, reduction, or removal) will or may result, the member will be notified when he is first questioned, that such result is possible. When a bargaining unit member suspected of a violation is being interviewed, such interview shall be recorded at the request of either party by the requesting party. If recordings are made the other party shall be provided a copy. Nothing herein shall be construed as restricting members of the bargaining unit from reporting violations of Departmental rules or policy committed by other members of the bargaining unit. All employees of the bargaining unit shall be responsible for reporting violations of Department rules and regulations, statutes, and appropriate standards of conduct. If any of the procedures of this Article are violated, such violations shall be subject to the grievance procedure.
Internal Investigations. Whenever a bargaining unit member is notified to report for any internal investigation or is contacted by an Internal Affairs investigator concerning any internal investigation or complaint, that member shall be provided in writing, on a form developed by the Sheriff, with the nature of the complaint and shall be given an opportunity, within a reasonable time period of not less than seventy-two (72) hours, for the purpose of obtaining a Union representative, or an attorney, prior to being interviewed. If requested by the bargaining unit member, the Union representative or the attorney shall be allowed to accompany the member during all interview sessions. During an interview session, if the member chooses to obtain an attorney, the interview session shall cease until an attorney is obtained or advice acquired within a reasonable time period of not less than seventy-two (72) hours. The bargaining unit member and the Internal Affairs Bureau may waive the seventy-two (72) hour time limit by mutual agreement.
Internal Investigations. A. It is recognized by the parties that it is the County’s obligation and responsibility to investigate any charge of employee misconduct.
Internal Investigations. This section is designed to address internal investigations of members of the Bargaining Unit. During such investigations, the following criteria apply: