SURRENDERS Sample Clauses

SURRENDERS. You may request, in writing or by other means acceptable to us, a Surrender of Contract values at any time. We agree to pay Surrenders from the Contract upon your request, subject to any limitations and charges set forth in the Contract. A full Surrender of this Contract will be paid as provided in the Contract Termination Section of this Contract.
SURRENDERS transfers control of or makes an unauthorized transfer of this Agreement or an ownership interest in the Marketer;
SURRENDERS. (a) Lessee may, at any time, surrender the Lease to Lessor in its entirety or, from time to time, surrender only so much of the Lands as Lessee may elect in the instrument of surrender by executing and delivering to the Lessor placing of record in the Office of the Recorder of Imperial County, State of California, in which the Lands are located a quitclaim deed or deeds covering all or any part of the Lands so selected by Lessee for surrender and Lessee shall thereby be relieved of all obligations as to the acreage so surrendered, except for obligations already accrued by the terms hereof or as provided by Section 16 hereof. Notwithstanding such surrender, Lessee shall nevertheless retain such rights of way, easements and privileges over, upon, through and across the lands so surrendered as shall be necessary or convenient for Lessee’s operations on so much of the Lands as shall then be retained by Lessee under the Lease and on Lessee's other lands in the vicinity.
SURRENDERS. The Owner may, upon Notice to LNY, surrender this Contract for its surrender value at any time prior to the earlier of: the Annuity Commencement Date, or termination of this Contract upon payment of any Death Benefit. This Contract will terminate upon surrender. The surrender will be effectiveon the Valuation Date on which LNY receives Notice of surrender. Surrenders will be subject to the withdrawal and surrender requirements as shown on the Contract Specifications. The surrender value on the Valuation Date of surrender will be the sum of a. and b. minus the CDSC, where:
SURRENDERS. You may Surrender this Contract for its Cash Surrender Value at any time prior to the Annuity Date. The Surrender charge shown on the Schedule will be deducted upon Surrender. The Surrender charge is applicable only to the Surrender of Purchase Payments held less than five full Contract Years since the Contract Anniversary at the end of the Contract Year in which the Purchase Payment was made. Surrenders may be subject to a 10% penalty tax. No Surrender may be made on or after the Annuity Date or with respect to any amounts applied to an Annuity Option.
SURRENDERS. You may withdraw or surrender all or part of the Emergency Cash Benefit. Partial surrenders must be at least $2,500. If You withdraw only a portion of Your Emergency Cash Benefit, Your fixed Annuity Payment will be reduced by the same percentage. For example, if You withdraw 25% of Your Emergency Cash Benefit, all future payments will be reduced by 25%. Partial withdrawals also reduce the amount available for future withdrawals and the death benefit. Surrender Charge The following surrender charges are applicable to surrenders in the first 4 years: Surrenders in Charge ------------- ------ Year 1 [4%] of premium Year 2 [3%] of premium Year 3 [2%] of premium Year 4 [1%] of premium Year 5 and thereafter [No surrender charge] You should consult Your tax advisor prior to making any withdrawals.
SURRENDERS. Prior to the earlier of the Annuitization Date or the death of the Annuitant and any Contingent Annuitant, the Certificate Owner may surrender part or all of the Certificate Account Value. A surrender request must be in writing or in a form otherwise acceptable to the Company. The Company reserves the right to require that the signature(s) be guaranteed by a member firm of a major stock exchange or other depository institution qualified to give such a guaranty.
SURRENDERS. The Reinsurer will reimburse the Ceding Company for amounts paid or accrued to a policyholder in the event of a full or partial surrender of a Policy net of any applicable Surrender Charges (the "Surrenders"). Surrender charges shall be defined as the amount that the Ceding Company deducts before paying the cash surrender value upon a full or partial surrender of a Policy (the "Surrender Charges").
SURRENDERS. (a) negotiate and provide recommendations on the terms of any lease surrender; and
SURRENDERS. 5.1 Immediately after the effective date of this Contract, the passage of the “Projet de Loi” by the National Assembly, a legal opinion of the Supreme Court certifying the validity of this Contract and the issuance of a Presidential decree affirming this Contract the Contractor will surrender sixty four percent (64%) of the original Contract Area.