Superior Court Sample Clauses

Superior Court. Appeals (preparation and appearance):
Superior Court. The State of California, Sacramento County Superior Court.
Superior Court. Court of general jurisdiction for civil cases seeking monetary damages. No equity jurisdiction. Jury trials if demanded. Hears civil and criminal cases. Also hears appeals from lower courts and administrative agencies. Appeals from Superior Court are to the Delaware Supreme Court. With consent of the parties, the Superior Court will arbitrate or mediate business cases where more than $100,000 is at issue.
Superior Court. If no court file exists in the family court or other Superior Court division or in any other jurisdiction, the Clerk of the Superior Court shall create a file under the names of the child’s parents. The file shall contain a copy of the juvenile court order. There shall be no filing fee. (Welfare and Institutions Code section 362.4). (Revised January 1, 2012)
Superior Court. The following discovery and scheduling provisions shall apply to all criminal cases in the superior court unless otherwise ordered by the presiding justice.
Superior Court. Superior Court is Delaware’s primary trial court and a court of general jurisdiction. The Superior Court has jurisdiction over all common law matters, but it is not a court of equity. It hears criminal matters, including all felony cases and most drug cases. There is no monetary maximum jurisdiction for civil matters. The court also has specific authority to issue certain writs. See 10 Del. C. § 562. The Superior Court sits as an appellate court for appeals from certain state agencies, such as the Department of Labor, as well as the CCP. Appeals from the Superior Court are filed to the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware.
Superior Court. The State of California, Orange County Superior Court.
Superior Court. Unless the Court/Forum has entered an order staying further proceedings in this matter, Mr. Cutler may in his discretion continue the arbitration or suspend further proceedings in the arbitration pending resolution of the matter by the Court/Forum.