Sovereign Immunity Sample Clauses

Sovereign Immunity. The State reserves all immunities, defenses, rights or actions arising out of the State’s sovereign status or under the Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution. No waiver of the State’s immunities, defenses, rights or actions shall be implied or otherwise deemed to exist by reason of the State’s entry into this Agreement.
Sovereign Immunity. The parties acknowledge and agree that nothing in the Invitation to Bid or the Contract shall be construed as a modification, compromise or waiver by the State of any rights or defenses of any immunities provided by Federal law or the laws of the State of Connecticut to the State or any of its officers and employees, which they may have had, now have or will have with respect to all matters arising out of the Contract. To the extent that this section conflicts with any other section, this section shall govern.
Sovereign Immunity. Nothing in the Contract shall be construed as a waiver of the System Agency’s or the State’s sovereign immunity. This Contract shall not constitute or be construed as a waiver of any of the privileges, rights, defenses, remedies, or immunities available to the System Agency or the State of Texas. The failure to enforce, or any delay in the enforcement of, any privileges, rights, defenses, remedies, or immunities available to the System Agency or the State of Texas under the Contract or under applicable law shall not constitute a waiver of such privileges, rights, defenses, remedies, or immunities or be considered as a basis for estoppel. System Agency does not waive any privileges, rights, defenses, or immunities available to System Agency by entering into the Contract or by its conduct prior to or subsequent to entering into the Contract.
Sovereign Immunity. Nothing contained in this clause or other clauses of this Agreement/Contract shall be construed to waive the Sovereign Immunity of the Sponsor.
Sovereign Immunity. The City does not waive sovereign immunity by entering into this Contract, and specifically retain immunity and all defenses available to them as sovereigns pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 1-39-104(a) and all other state law.
Sovereign Immunity. Nothing contained herein shall be construed or interpreted as (a) denying to either party any remedy or defense available to such party under the laws of the State of Florida; (b) the consent of University or the State of Florida or their agents and agencies to be sued; or (c) a waiver of either University’s or the State of Florida’s sovereign immunity beyond the limited waiver provided in section 768.28, Florida Statutes.
Sovereign Immunity. The County expressly retains all rights, benefits and immunities of sovereign immunity in accordance with section 768.28, Florida Statutes (as amended). Notwithstanding anything set forth in any section of this Contract to the contrary, nothing in this Contract shall be deemed as a waiver of immunity or limits of liability of the County beyond any statutory limited waiver of immunity or limits of liability which may have been or may be adopted by the Florida Legislature and the cap on the amount and liability of the County for damages, regardless of the number or nature of claims in tort, equity, or contract, shall not exceed the dollar amount set by the legislature for tort. Nothing in this Contract shall inure to the benefit of any third party for the purpose of allowing any claim against the County, which claim would otherwise be barred under the doctrine of sovereign immunity or by operation of law.
Sovereign Immunity. Except to the extent sovereign immunity may be deemed to be waived by entering into this Agreement, nothing herein is intended to serve as a waiver of sovereign immunity by County nor shall anything included herein be construed as consent by County to be sued by third parties in any matter arising out of this Agreement. County is a political subdivision as defined in Section 768.28, Florida Statutes, and shall be responsible for the negligent or wrongful acts or omissions of its employees pursuant to Section 768.28, Florida Statutes.