Golf Sample Clauses

Golf. 1) All bets will be deemed as valid as much as the Tournament, or the relative round to which the bet refers to, is played within the same sporting season and within 3 months from the last scheduled date (as per local course time), as issued by the governing association, irrespective of any time delays, unless other arrangements have been agreed to.
Golf. DBC Sports has "most money won during tournament" and it is available the day after any tournament. "Most birdies," "most bogies" and "least strokes" would require additional research through the Internet or by contacting sports headquarters. DBC Sports dos not currently have access for obtaining "least putts," "longest drive" or "best fairway accuracy." DBC Sports' staff will use reasonable efforts to develop the necessary relationships to receive this information, as well as the following: i. Lowest round ii. Highest round iii. Best score on a particular day C. Auto racing. DBC Sports shall use reasonable efforts to obtain through the Internet or directly from sports headquarters all of Sportsprizes' requests.
Golf. 1 Head Men’s 8% BASEBALL 1 Head Women’s 8%
Golf a. Practices will be held at the Tri-Del Golf Course and sparingly at Dakota Trails
Golf. Xxxxxx reported that the first thing on his list is always safety, and they have been using the new misters. The fiscal year ended really good. They hosted the Northeast Oklahoma Veteran’s Tournament. They were busy over the Fourth of July holiday. They will be hosting the Lions Club Night Tournament. He also reported that they are in need of a maintenance building.
Golf. The Usage Fee allows the Owner and other registered guests residing in the Owner’s Townhome Unit during the Owner’s vacation time to golf at a twenty-five percent discount from prices charged the general public. If the Owner (excluding guests) and his immediate family (children under the age of 21) wish to golf during a period other than the Owner’s Use Period, they may do so at a twenty-five percent discount from prices charged the general public. There are Irrevocable License Agreements recorded against the property that provide owners with certain golf course privileges. In addition, the golf course offers weekly golf memberships; rules and regulations are available at the golf course.
Golf a. Due to the fact that The Terrace is located at a golf course we cannot exclude golfers from the other services we offer. If your event is scheduled during the normal hours of golf operation you should expect golfers to be using the food service facility during your event. To ensure a completely private event it should be scheduled outside the golf course hours of operation. The aforementioned rules and guidelines are only a portion of the rules associated with The Terrace at Hidden Creek. Because each event is unique other rules and laws may come into play. I, understand that I must comply with the rules listed here, as well as with any additional instructions from the employees at The Terrace during my event. Sign Date
Golf. Xxxxxx reported that they are staying very busy, and they have had a record month. The Northeast Oklahoma Veterans Freedom Tour Tournament is coming up.
Golf. WAH shall be entitled to develop at least one 18-hole golf course on the Property.