SECURING Sample Clauses

SECURING. Altisource will initially secure all vacant and abandoned REO Properties with a keypad lock. All door locks will be changed or disabled, including deadbolts. Altisource will install a lockbox and / or keypad entry lock at one entrance to each confined area. Altisource will provide Residential with the lockbox combination within the proprietary platform.
SECURING. APPLICATIONS All applications for Policies shall be made on application forms supplied by the Insurance Companies. Broker-Dealer will review all sales for suitability and all applications for completeness and correctness as to form. Broker-Dealer will not facilitate disruptive trading practices, including frequent or excessive market timing activity, and will not accept applications from individuals or entities known to the Broker-Dealer as having a history or intention of participating in such activities. Broker-Dealer will cause all complete and correct applications for suitable transactions to be promptly forwarded to the applicable Insurance Companies, together with any payments received with the applications, without deduction for compensation. The Insurance Companies reserve the right to reject any Policy application and return any payment made in connection with an application that is rejected. Policies issued on applications accepted by the Insurance Companies will be forwarded to the owner of the Policy ("Policyowner") in accordance with the administrative procedures of the respective Insurance Company.
SECURING. Securing the stairs to the other Equipment, adjusting the stairs to the threshold of the doorway, adjustment of the treads, landing, or handrails to meet local, state or federal requirements, maintenance of the stairs or any other item not specifically indicated above is solely the responsibility of the Buyer.
SECURING. APPLICATIONS All applications for Contracts shall be made on application forms supplied by Carillon and all payments collected by Broker-Dealer or any Representative of Broker-Dealer shall be remitted promptly in full, together with such application forms and any other required documentation, directly to Union Central at the address indicated on such application or to such other address as Carillon may, from time to time, designate in writing. Broker-Dealer shall review all such applications for completeness. Broker-Dealer agrees that it will not accept any Contract purchase payment other than the first such payment and then only if such payment is in the form of a check or money order made payable to "The Union Central Life Insurance Company." All applications are subject to acceptance or rejection by Union Central in its sole discretion.
SECURING. Decorations must be secured with a non-permanent adhesive fasteners (i.e., 3-M Strips), but must be taken down and removed from the Property by Licensee no later than the Event End Time. Glue, nails, tacks, or tape may not be used to secure decorations directly to the physical structure of any building, structure or facility on the Property. Aisle runners with adhesive are not permitted for use on the Property.
SECURING. To secure your reservation, return the completed Memorial Service or Soul-Release forms, fees, and the Facility Usage Agreement applications along with the required fees to the HCCC Office Manager as soon as possible. HCCC will not accept unsigned applications. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SIGNED BY THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD. Once your applications are approved, your reservation will be placed on the HCCC calendar.

Related to SECURING

  • Lien 19.1. The Company shall have a general lien on all funds held by the Company or its Associates or its nominees on the Client’s behalf until the satisfaction of his obligations under this Agreement.

  • Purchase Money Security Interest For the sole purpose of determining the extent of a purchase money security interest arising under this security agreement: (a) payments on any nonpurchase money loan also secured by this agreement will not be deemed to apply to the Purchase Money Loan, and (b) payments on the Purchase Money Loan will be deemed to apply first to the nonpurchase money portion of the loan, if any, and then to the purchase money obligations in the order in which the items of collateral were acquired or if acquired at the same time, in the order selected by you. No security interest will be terminated by application of this formula. "Purchase Money Loan" means any loan the proceeds of which, in whole or in part, are used to acquire any collateral securing the loan and all extensions, renewals, consolidations and refinancing of such loan. PAYMENTS BY LENDER – You are authorized to pay, on my behalf, charges I am or may become obligated to pay to preserve or protect the secured property (such as property insurance premiums). You may treat those payments as advances and add them to the unpaid principal under the note secured by this agreement or you may demand immediate payment of the amount advanced.

  • Security Interest in Collateral The provisions of this Agreement and the other Loan Documents create legal and valid Liens on all the Collateral in favor of the Agent, for the benefit of the Agent and the Lenders, and such Liens (upon any required filing and recordation) constitute perfected and continuing Liens on the Collateral, securing the Obligations, enforceable against the applicable Loan Party and all third parties, and having priority over all other Liens on the Collateral except in the case of (a) Permitted Liens, to the extent any such Permitted Liens would have priority over the Liens in favor of the Agent pursuant to any applicable law or agreement and (b) Liens perfected only by possession (including possession of any certificate of title) to the extent the Agent has not obtained or does not maintain possession of such Collateral.

  • Security Interest in Financed Equipment Immediately prior to the sale, assignment and transfer thereof, each Receivable shall be secured by a validly perfected first priority security interest in the Financed Equipment in favor of CNHICA as secured party or all necessary and appropriate actions have been commenced that would result in the valid perfection of a first priority security interest in the Financed Equipment in favor of CNHICA as secured party.

  • Security Interests in Collateral To secure their Obligations under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, the Loan Parties shall grant to the Collateral Agent, for its benefit and the ratable benefit of the other Secured Parties, a first-priority security interest in all of the Collateral pursuant to the Security Documents.

  • Permitted Liens; Title Insurance Each Mortgaged Property securing a Mortgage Loan is covered by an American Land Title Association loan title insurance policy or a comparable form of loan title insurance policy approved for use in the applicable jurisdiction (or, if such policy is yet to be issued, by a pro forma policy, a preliminary title policy or a “marked up” commitment, in each case with escrow instructions and binding on the title insurer) (the “Title Policy”) in the original principal amount of such Mortgage Loan (or with respect to a Mortgage Loan secured by multiple properties, an amount equal to at least the allocated loan amount with respect to the Title Policy for each such property) after all advances of principal (including any advances held in escrow or reserves), that insures for the benefit of the owner of the indebtedness secured by the Mortgage, the first priority lien of the Mortgage (which lien secures the related Whole Loan, in the case of a Mortgage Loan that is part of a Whole Loan), which lien is subject only to (a) the lien of current real property taxes, water charges, sewer rents and assessments not yet due and payable; (b) covenants, conditions and restrictions, rights of way, easements and other matters of public record specifically identified in the Title Policy; (c) the exceptions (general and specific) and exclusions set forth in such Title Policy; (d) other matters to which like properties are commonly subject; (e) the rights of tenants (as tenants only) under leases (including subleases) pertaining to the related Mortgaged Property; (f) if the related Mortgage Loan constitutes a Crossed Underlying Loan, the lien of the Mortgage for another Mortgage Loan contained in the same Crossed Mortgage Loan Group, and (g) condominium declarations of record and identified in such Title Policy, provided that none of clauses (a) through (g), individually or in the aggregate, materially and adversely interferes with the value or principal use of the Mortgaged Property, the security intended to be provided by such Mortgage, or the current ability of the related Mortgaged Property to generate net cash flow sufficient to service the related Mortgage Loan or the Mortgagor’s ability to pay its obligations when they become due (collectively, the “Permitted Encumbrances”). For purposes of clause (a) of the immediately preceding sentence, any such taxes, assessments and other charges shall not be considered due and payable until the date on which interest and/or penalties would be payable thereon. Except as contemplated by clause (f) of the second preceding sentence none of the Permitted Encumbrances are mortgage liens that are senior to or coordinate and co-equal with the lien of the related Mortgage. Such Title Policy (or, if it has yet to be issued, the coverage to be provided thereby) is in full force and effect, all premiums thereon have been paid and no claims have been made by the Mortgage Loan Seller thereunder and no claims have been paid thereunder. Neither the Mortgage Loan Seller, nor to the Mortgage Loan Seller’s knowledge, any other holder of the Mortgage Loan, has done, by act or omission, anything that would materially impair the coverage under such Title Policy. Each Title Policy contains no exclusion for, or affirmatively insures (except for any Mortgaged Property located in a jurisdiction where such affirmative insurance is not available in which case such exclusion may exist), (a) that the Mortgaged Property shown on the survey is the same as the property legally described in the Mortgage and (b) to the extent that the Mortgaged Property consists of two or more adjoining parcels, such parcels are contiguous.

  • Security Interest in Financed Vehicles According to the records of the Seller, as of the Cutoff Date, no Financed Vehicle has been repossessed and not reinstated and immediately prior to the sale, assignment and transfer thereof, all necessary steps shall be taken so that each Receivable shall be secured by a validly perfected first priority security interest in the related Financed Vehicle in favor of the Seller as secured party or all necessary and appropriate action with respect to such Receivable shall have been taken to perfect a first priority security interest in such Financed Vehicle in favor of the Seller as secured party.

  • Liens The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, create, incur, assume or permit to exist any Lien on any property or asset now owned or hereafter acquired by it, or assign or sell any income or revenues (including accounts receivable) or rights in respect of any thereof, except:

  • Credit Union Lien and Security Interest To the extent you owe the Credit Union money as a borrower, guarantor, indorser or otherwise, the Credit Union has a lien on any or all of the funds in any account in which you have an ownership interest at the Credit Union, regardless of the source of the funds. The Credit Union may apply these funds in any order to pay off your indebtedness without further notice to you. If the Credit Union chooses not to enforce its lien, the Credit Union does not waive its right to enforce the lien at a later time. In addition, you grant the Credit Union a consensual security interest in your accounts and agree the Credit Union may use the funds from your accounts to pay any debt or amount owed the Credit Union, except obligations secured by your dwelling, unless prohibited by applicable law. All accounts are nonassignable and nontransferable to third parties.

  • Security Interest in Financed Vehicle Immediately prior to the sale, transfer and assignment thereof pursuant hereto and the First Step Receivables Assignment, each Receivable was secured by a validly perfected first priority security interest in the Financed Vehicle in favor of the Seller as secured party or all necessary and appropriate action had been commenced that would result in the valid perfection of a first priority security interest in the Financed Vehicle in favor of the Seller as secured party.