Restraint Sample Clauses

Restraint. Any Restraint (other than a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction or similar non-permanent Order) having any of the effects set forth in clause (c) of Exhibit A shall be in effect and shall have become final and non-appealable;
Restraint. No Restraint that would reasonably be expected to result, directly or indirectly, in any of the effects referred to in Section 7.02(c) shall be in effect.
Restraint. 17.1 The Employee may not either alone or jointly or in partnership or by way of a joint venture or otherwise with or as a shareholder, servant, agent, consultant, adviser, officer or contractor of any other person or persons, other than as an employee of the Company or a member of the Novogen Group, either directly or indirectly carry on or manage or be concerned or interested in or assist any other person or persons to carry on or be concerned or to obtain any interest in business identical to or to the business of the Company, or any of the members of the Novogen Group in any State or Territory of Australia or any other place in the world at any time:
Restraint. There shall be no restraint, coercion, or discrimination against any Union official because of the performance of duties in accordance with this Master Agreement and the Act, or against any employee for filing a complaint or acting as a witness under this Master Agreement, the Act or applicable regulations.
Restraint. You must not at any time, either during your employment with ANZ or for 12 months after your employment with ANZ ends (or for such lesser time as a court may deem reasonable), either on your own account or for or jointly with any other person solicit, interfere with or attempt to entice away from ANZ any person who, at any time within the period of 12 months before the date your employment with ANZ ends, was a customer or employee of, or in the habit of dealing with, ANZ and whom you had direct or indirect contact with, or dealings with or knowledge of, for the purpose of your employment.
Restraint. So long as any Liability to Yankees is outstanding, Explorations will not without prior written consent of Yankees borrow from anyone on the security of, or pledge, or grant any security interest in, any Collateral, or permit any lien or encumbrance to attach to any of the foregoing, or any levy to be made thereon, or any financing statement to be on file with respect thereto.
Restraint. The Customer agrees not to solicit any employee of LEAD for the purposes of offering employment to such employee or seeking services from the employee in his/her private capacity. Any such incident reported to LEAD shall entitle LEAD to terminate any agreement with the Customer forthwith and further pursue a claim for damages, notwithstanding any other rights and remedies that are available to LEAD.
Restraint. The Agency shall not restrain, interfere with or coerce any Union official or representative in the exercise of their rights under 5 USC Chapter 71 because of the performance of duties within the scope of this Agreement, or against any bargaining unit member for filing a grievance/complaint, or acting as a witness under this Agreement, the Law, or applicable regulations.
Restraint. 37.1. The shareholders undertake that they shall not,
Restraint. 183. Restraint is the immobilization of a patient's arms, legs or entire body through the use of an apparatus which is not a protective device as described in sub-section H(3) below.