REASONABLE DISPATCH. No time is fixed for the completion of carriage, and neither FRACHT FWO INC. nor its carriers shall be liable for any loss or damage caused by failure to commence or complete carriage within a certain time. FRACHT FWO INC. and its carriers assume no obligation to carry goods over any particular route. FRACHT FWO INC. and its carriers assume no obligation to carry the goods in any particular vehicle, and are authorized to select alternate means of transportation and deviation from route without liability. No Special Damages Neither FRACHT FWO INC. nor its carriers shall have any liability for any special or consequential damages. Shipments shall be governed by the Xxxxxxx Amendment, Title 49 U.S.C. Section 14706, and the release rate provisions contained herein shall be construed as complying with the notice, election of rates, and other requirements. Pursuant to Title 49 U.S.C. Section 14101(b), Customer agrees that all rules and regulations which are waivable under that statute shall not apply to FRACHT FWO INC. or its retained service providers to the extent inconsistent with the contractual service terms and conditions set forth herein. ůĂŝŵƐ ,ĂŶĚůŝŶŐͲdŝŵĞ >ŝŵŝƚƐ ĂŶĚ WƌŽĐĞĚ Cargo claims shall be filed with the motor carrier in accordance with the terms of the uniform bill of lading, 49 CFR 370. FRACHT FWO INC. warrants payment of claims for which its retained service providers are adjudged legally liable subject to the limits of liability contained herein. As a property broker, FRACHT FWO INC. shall have no direct liability for cargo loss, damage, or delay.
REASONABLE DISPATCH. CARRIERshallpick up and deliver shipments arranged by BROKER with reasonabledispatch, except as otherwise agreed to between CARRIER and BROKER.
REASONABLE DISPATCH. Unless arranged or agreed upon in writing prior to transportation, Carrier is not bound to transport a shipment by a particular schedule or in time for a particular market, but is responsible to transport only with reasonable dispatch. In case of physical necessity, Carrier may forward a shipment via another carrier.
REASONABLE DISPATCH. Upon tender of shipments under this Agreement, Agent agrees to provide reasonable dispatch.
REASONABLE DISPATCH. Carrier shall transport the shipment with reasonable dispatch. Carrier shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to forward the property through any carrier or by any route between the point of shipment and the point of destination.


  • Reasonable Repairs a. We will pay the reasonable cost incurred by you for the necessary measures taken solely to protect covered property that is damaged by a Peril Insured Against from further damage.

  • Reasonable Reliance Securities Intermediary shall be fully protected and shall suffer no liability in acting in accordance with any written instructions reasonably believed by it to have been given (i) by Secured Party (or from the Administrator purporting to be acting in its capacity as such) with respect to any aspect of the operation of the Reserve Account (including any such instructions relating to any investment or transfer of any amounts held therein) or (ii) by Pledgor, to the extent provided in Section 4(b), with respect to the Reserve Account.

  • Reasonable Commercial Efforts (a) Subject to the terms and ------------------------------ conditions provided in this Agreement, each party shall use reasonable commercial efforts to take promptly, or cause to be taken, all actions, and to do promptly, or cause to be done, all things necessary, proper or advisable under applicable laws and regulations to consummate and make effective the transactions contemplated hereby, to obtain all necessary waivers, consents and approvals and to effect all necessary registrations and filings, including, without limitation, an appropriate filing of a Notification and Report Form pursuant to the HSR Act with respect to the transactions contemplated hereby, and the filings and consents set forth on Schedule 6.4 hereto (the "Required ------------ -------- Consents") and to remove any injunctions or other impediments or delays, legal -------- or otherwise, in order to consummate and make effective the transactions contemplated by this Agreement for the purpose of securing to the parties hereto the benefits contemplated by this Agreement; provided that notwithstanding -------- anything to the contrary in this Agreement, no party nor any of their Affiliates shall be required to make any disposition, including, without limitation, any disposition of, or any agreement to hold separate, any Subsidiary, asset or business, and no party hereto nor any of their Affiliates shall be required to make any payment of money nor shall any party or its Affiliates be required to comply with any condition or undertaking or take any action which, individually or in the aggregate, would materially adversely affect the economic benefits to such party of the transactions contemplated hereby and the Implementing Agreements, taken as a whole or adversely affect any other business of such party or its Affiliates.

  • Reasonable Cooperation By accepting the Restricted Stock, the Employee acknowledges and agrees that, during the course of the Employee’s employment with the Company, the Employee will be involved in, and may have information or knowledge of, business matters that may become the subject of legal action, including threatened litigation, investigations, administrative proceedings, hearings or disputes. As such, upon reasonable notice, both during the Employee’s employment with the Company and thereafter, the Employee agrees to cooperate fully with any investigation into, defense or prosecution of, or other involvement in, claims to which the Employee has personal and relevant knowledge that are or may be made by or against the Company. This agreement to cooperate includes talking to or meeting with such persons at times and in such places as the Company and the Employee reasonably agree to, as well as giving truthful evidence and truthful testimony. The Company shall reimburse the Employee for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses actually incurred in connection with such assistance. The Employee also promises to notify the Company within five (5) days if the Employee is subpoenaed or contacted by a third party seeking information about Company activities.

  • Communicable Disease Bodily injury" or "property damage" which arises out of the transmission of a communi- cable disease by an "insured";

  • Reasonable Suspicion Employees covered by this Agreement may be required to submit a urine specimen for testing for the presence of drugs or a breath sample for the testing of the presence of alcohol: Where there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the employee, when appearing for duty or on the job, is under the influence of, or his/her job performance, is impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Such reasonable suspicion must be based upon objective facts or specific circumstances found to exist that present a reasonable basis to believe that an employee is under the influence of, or is using or abusing, alcohol or drugs. Examples of reasonable suspicion shall include, but are not limited to, slurred speech, disorientation, abnormal conduct or behavior, or involvement in an on-the-job accident resulting in disabling personal injury requiring immediate hospitalization of any person or property damage in excess of $2,000, where the circumstances raise a reasonable suspicion concerning the existence of alcohol or other drug use or abuse by the employee. In addition, such reasonable suspicion must be documented in writing and supported by two witnesses, including the person having such suspicion. The immediate supervisor shall be contacted to confirm a test is warranted based upon the circumstances. Such written documentation must be presented, as soon as possible, to the employee and the department head, who shall maintain such report in the strictest confidence, except that a copy shall be released to any person designated by the affected employee.

  • Preparation; Reasonable Investigation In connection with the preparation and filing of each registration statement under the 1933 Act pursuant to this Agreement, the Company will give the holders of Registrable Securities registered under such registration statement, and their respective counsel and accountants, the opportunity to participate in the preparation of such registration statement, each prospectus included therein or filed with the SEC, and each amendment thereof or supplement thereto, and will give each of them such access to its books and records and such opportunities to discuss the business of the Company with its officers and the independent public accountants who have certified its financial statements as shall be necessary, in the reasonable opinion of such holders' and such underwriters' respective counsel, to conduct a reasonable investigation within the meaning of the 1933 Act.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing The Employer may, but does not have a legal duty to, request or require an employee to undergo drug and alcohol testing if the Employer or any supervisor of the employee has a reasonable suspicion (a belief based on specific facts and rational inferences drawn from those facts) related to the performance of the job that the employee:

  • Communicable Diseases Upon recommendation of the Medical Officer of Health, all employees shall be required, on an annual basis to be vaccinated and or to take antiviral medication for influenza. If the costs of such medication are not covered by some other sources, the Employer will pay the cost for such medication. If the employee fails to take the required medication, she may be placed on an unpaid leave of absence during any influenza outbreak in the home until such time as the employee has been cleared by the public health or the employer to return to the work environment. The only exception to this would be employees for whom taking the medication will result in the employee being physically ill to the extent that she cannot attend work. Upon written direction from the employee’s physician of such medical condition in consultation with the Employer’s physician, (if requested), the employee will be permitted to access their sick bank, if any, during any outbreak period. If there is a dispute between the physicians, the employee will be placed on unpaid leave. If the employee gets sick as a reaction to the drug and applies for WSIB the Employer will not oppose the application. If an employee is pregnant and her physician believes the pregnancy could be in jeopardy as a result of the influenza inoculation and/or the antiviral medication she shall be eligible for sick leave in circumstances where she is not allowed to attend at work as a result of an outbreak.

  • Good Faith and Commercially Reasonable Manner Performance of all obligations under this Annex, including, but not limited to, all calculations, valuations and determinations made by either party, will be made in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner.