Definition of Point of Shipment

Point of Shipment means the Company's manufacturing facilities located in Goleta, California and Richardson, TX, USA.
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Examples of Point of Shipment in a sentence

PRICE 5 Point of Shipment The Material prices will be FCA (Free Carrier as defined in publication No. 460 of the International Chamber of Commerce, published in April 1990) ASCO Spares Center.
The Processing Sets purchased by GMH under the terms of this Agreement for use at GMH Cord Blood Banks and its customers located in the Territory, including, without limitation, the cord blood banks operated by [*] and [*], will have no less than [*] ([*]) months shelf life remaining at time of shipment FCA at THERMO's Point of Shipment.
All prices for Product(s) purchased by GMH hereunder shall be Free Carrier ("FCA"), THERMO's Point of Shipment.
THERMO's Point of Shipment may be Rancho Cordova, Costa Rica, or a THERMO designated warehouse or supplier.
Product delivered by Nuo pursuant to this Agreement shall be suitably packed for surface or air shipment, in Rohto's sole discretion, in a bulk shipping carton per the requirements set forth in the applicable purchase order, marked for shipment to such location or locations as Rohto may designate, and delivered to Rohto or its carrier, FCA, Nuo's Point of Shipment.