PSI Sample Clauses

PSI. Each trailer has a capacity of 1,000 cubic feet. They are constructed with an internal top shell stiffener surrounded by a smooth exterior. The ends consist of a high tensile steel front and rear frames with tubular steel struts. Accessories include contoured aluminum fenders with rubber mudflaps; a 21 foot aluminum tube hose carrier mounted flush with the rear of the trailer; an aluminum ladder and walkway to the center manhole; and a complete 12 volt light and wiring system for stop, taillight and clearance signals.
PSI in relation to a Mortgaged Ship, the Owner or the Borrowers (other than Lefkas Marine S.A.) or the Manager or any other person fails or omits to comply with any requirements of the protection and indemnity association or other insurer with which such Mortgaged Ship is entered for insurance or insured against protection and indemnity risks (including oil pollution risks) to the effect that any cover (including, without limitation, any cover in respect of liability for Environmental Claims arising in jurisdictions where such Mortgaged Ship operates or trades) is or may be liable to cancellation, qualification or exclusion at any time; or

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  • USOC SOMEC XXXXX Note: In addition to the OSS charges, applicable discounted service order and related discounted charges apply per the tariff.

  • Přetrvávající platnost Tento odstavec 1.3 „Zdravotní záznamy a Studijní data a údaje“ zůstane závazný i v případě zániku platnosti či vypršení platnosti této Smlouvy.

  • Cornerstone shall notify the LLC and confirm such advice in writing (i) when the filing of any post-effective amendment to the Registration Statement or supplement to the Prospectus is required, when the same is filed and, in the case of the Registration Statement and any post-effective amendment, when the same becomes effective, (ii) of any request by the Securities and Exchange Commission for any amendment of or supplement to the Registration Statement or the Prospectus or for additional information and (iii) of the entry of any stop order suspending the effectiveness of the Registration Statement or the initiation or threatening of any proceedings for that purpose, and, if such stop order shall be entered, Cornerstone shall use its best efforts promptly to obtain the lifting thereof.

  • Přetrvající platnost This Section 3 “

  • PRODUCER Subject to the terms of this Agreement, including Section 18.8, Producer shall release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Processor and its Affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, consultants, representatives, and invitees from and against all claims and losses arising out of or relating to (i) the operations of Producer and (ii) any breach of this agreement by Producer.

  • MIDDLE SCHOOLS 1. Where there are no negotiated provisions concerning the implementation or operation of a middle school program, this article shall govern the implementation or operation of a middle school program in a school district.

  • VALIC (i) is registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act and will continue to be so registered for so long as this Agreement remains in effect: (ii) is not prohibited by the 1940 Act or the Advisers Act from performing the services contemplated by this Agreement; (iii) has met, and will continue to meet for so long as this Agreement remains in effect, any applicable federal or state requirements, or the applicable requirements of any regulatory or industry self-regulatory agency, necessary to be met in order to perform the services contemplated by this Agreement, (iv) has the authority to enter into and perform the services contemplated by this Agreement, and (v) will immediately notify the SUB-ADVISER of the occurrence of any event that would disqualify VALIC from serving as an investment adviser of an investment company pursuant to Section 9(a) of the 1940 Act or otherwise.

  • SDBE The Contractor shall comply with all applicable provisions of Article III of Chapter 18 of the Durham City Code (Equal Business Opportunities Ordinance), as amended from time to time. The failure of the Contractor to comply with that article shall be a material breach of contract which may result in the rescission or termination of this contract and/or other appropriate remedies in accordance with the provisions of that article, this contract, and State law. The Participation Plan submitted in accordance with that article is binding on the Contractor. Section 18-59(f) of that article provides, in part, “If the City Manager determines that the Contractor has failed to comply with the provisions of the Contract, the City Manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of the deficiencies. The Contractor shall have 14 days, or such time as specified in the Contract, to cure the deficiencies or establish that there are no deficiencies.” It is stipulated and agreed that those two quoted sentences apply only to the Contractor’s alleged violations of its obligations under Article III of Chapter 18 and not to the Contractor’s alleged violations of other obligations.

  • Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:

  • IBM Credit may in its sole discretion from time to time decide the amount of credit IBM Credit extends to Customer, notwithstanding any prior course of conduct between IBM Credit and Customer. IBM Credit may combine all of its advances to make one debt owed by Customer.