Major Shareholders definition

Major Shareholders. Means a person who has an interest or interests in one or more
Major Shareholders means major shareholders prescribed in Rule 402, Item 2,
Major Shareholders means the shareholders of the Company listed on Schedule 10.1.

Examples of Major Shareholders in a sentence

  • B.1.3 Major Shareholders The Issuer has an authorised share capital of €40,000.

  • However, this differs from the information recorded in the shareholder register, and since the Company is unable to confirm the actual number of shares held, it is not included in the Status of Major Shareholders above.

  • Please refer to the notes as set out in Section (b) of Appendix III of this Circular for the interests of the interested Major Shareholders.

  • Major Shareholders (refers to the Major Shareholders as prescribed in Paragraph (2-6) of Article 542-8 of the Commercial Code of Korea.

  • Share Capital and Major Shareholders The entire issued share capital of the Issuer comprises 50,001 ordinary shares of £1 each, all of which are paid up to a total value of £12,501.

More Definitions of Major Shareholders

Major Shareholders means Xxx X. Xxxx, Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx and Xxxx X. Xxxxxx.
Major Shareholders means the persons and legal entities who, on the First Issue Date, directly and indirectly, through ownership or otherwise, individually or together, controlled, were controlled by, were under common control with, or were managed by CA Plusinvest AB reg. no. 556769-1588, as well as that entity itself.
Major Shareholders means Oria and Bobsin;
Major Shareholders means a person who has an interest or interests in one or more voting shares in
Major Shareholders means a shareholding equity of more than 10%.
Major Shareholders means shareholders with over 10% of the total voting shares (including the shares held by related parties)
Major Shareholders means Xxxxxx X. Fine, Xxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx X. Fine.