Pre-Service Police Officers Sample Clauses

Pre-Service Police Officers odified duty while on Each newly hired Pre-Service Police Officer (excluding individuals hired as lateral Police Officers) shall serve as a non-sworn civilian employee until such time as he/she successfully graduates from the Police Academy and is sworn in as a Police Officer. These Pre-Service Police Officers shall receive similar benefits as a sworn Police Officer with the exception of retirement and workers’ compensation benefits. Because Pre-Service Police Officers are not sworn, they are considered miscellaneous employees under the Public Employees’ Retirement Law and are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits pursuant to Labor Code section 4850. An employee hired as a Pre-Service Police Officer shall be an at-will employee and cannot attain permanency as a Pre-Service Police Officer. Rather, such an employee will either be sworn in and appointed as a Police Officer upon graduation from the academy or will be separated from employment as a Pre-Service Police Officer. Time served in the classification of Pre-Service Police Officer shall not count towards departmental seniority (e.g., shift bidding and vacation requests) but will count towards total City service.