Forms of Cooperation Sample Clauses

Forms of Cooperation. Development cooperation may take the form of technical or financial cooperation, humanitarian or emergency assistance. It may be carried out either on a purely bilateral basis, or also in cooperation with other donors and/or multilateral organisations.
Forms of Cooperation. 1. For each sector of cooperation under this Title, the Parties agree to carry out activities at bilateral or regional level or through a combination of both, including through tripartite cooperation.
Forms of Cooperation. The Parties agree to cooperate in the following forms, also through their research Institutes and Centres:
Forms of Cooperation. 1. Subject to their applicable regulatory measures, the Parties shall xxxxxx, to the fullest extent practicable, the cooperation activities under this Agreement with a view to providing comparable opportunities for participation in their activities in the sectors listed in Article 4.
Forms of Cooperation. 1. Organisational, financial, legal and technical conditions for the accomplishment of specific programs and projects of cooperation shall be the subject of separate agreements between the Competent Agencies, and departments, agencies and organisations referred to in Article 3.2 of this Agreement or, when necessary, and taking into consideration the international obligations of both Parties, of direct agreements between the Parties, particularly with respect to the regulation of joint activity relating to the conduct of commercial operations and outer space launches.
Forms of Cooperation. Pursuant to Article 112 of the Basic Agreement, the forms of cooperation under this Chapter may include:
Forms of Cooperation. 1. The forms of cooperation under this Agreement may include, but are not limited to, the following:
Forms of Cooperation. 1. The forms of cooperation under this Chapter may include:
Forms of Cooperation. 1. Both universities agree that their cooperation will include, but not be limited to the following goals:
Forms of Cooperation. For the purposes of Article 6.1, cooperation between the Parties means the following: