Point Sample Clauses

Point. If CYTOGEN does not specify a carrier, MATRITECH shall select the carrier. All freight, insurance, and other shipping expenses shall be paid by CYTOGEN. CYTOGEN shall also bear all applicable taxes, duties and similar charges that may be assessed against the Product after delivery to the carrier at the F.O.B. Point.
Point. All shipments and freight charges shall be deemed correct unless ArthroCare receives from Collagen, no later than forty-five (45) days after the shipping date of a given shipment, a written notice specifying the shipment, the purchase order number, and the exact nature of the discrepancy between the order and shipment or discrepancy in the freight cost, as applicable.
Point. The difference between Collagen's purchase price and Collagen's price to its Customers shall be Collagen's sole remuneration for the sale of the Licensed Products. The initial price to Collagen for each Licensed Product shall be as set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto. Collagen's sales prices to its customers shall be subject to Collagen's sole discretion.
Point. 360 shall retain the obligation to pay, perform, discharge and fulfill all of the Retained Liabilities; (iii) New 360 shall have no right, title or interest in or to any of the Acquired Assets; and (iv) New 360 shall have no obligation to pay, perform, discharge or fulfill any of the Retained Liabilities.
Point. 360, a California corporation (the "Borrower"), (2) the Lenders party to the Credit Agreement referred to below and (3) UNION BANK OF CALIFORNIA, N.A., as administrative agent for such Lenders (in such capacity, the "Agent").
Point. The value assigned to an occurrence. For the purpose of this policy, the following point values shall apply: • 1 point (1.0) = o For each occurrence; and o Each day that an employee improperly calls in and does not report to work. • 2 points = each day the employee fails to call in and fails to report to work and is not on any type of approved leave.
Point. (Poin) / Pip adalah satuan terkecil antara suatu harga dengan harga sebelumnya yang dapat dinyatakan dalam satuan angka penuh atau satuan angka desimal.
Point. 360 and AACI desire to enter into this Agreement to compromise, settle and resolve all disputes and claims existing between them.
Point. The route between the connection point and the City Entry Station and the location of City Entry Station are shown on the sketch plan provided in Annex-1. The DISTRIBUTION COMPANY will be responsible for preparing the expropriation files and obtaining cadastral approval for the land on which the City Entry Station will be installed; financing the land acquisition costs; following on the potential lawsuits that may be initiated by the relevant land owners until the conclusion of such lawsuits; and paying any compensation that may arise as a result of such lawsuits.