PJM Interchange Energy Market Sample Clauses

PJM Interchange Energy Market. The regional competitive market administered by the Transmission Provider for the purchase and sale of spot electric energy at wholesale interstate commerce and related services, as more fully set forth in Attachment K - Appendix to the Tariff and Schedule 1 to the Operating Agreement. PJM Interchange Export:
PJM Interchange Energy Market. PJM Interchange Energy Market" shall mean the regional competitive market administered by the Office of the Interconnection for the purchase and sale of spot electric energy at wholesale in interstate commerce and related services established pursuant to Schedule 1 to this Agreement.
PJM Interchange Energy Market. Formatted: Highlight Intra-PJM Tariffs - OPERATING AGREEMENT - OA 1. DEFINITIONS - OA Definitions O - P “PJM Interchange Energy Market” shall mean the regional competitive market administered by the Office of the Interconnection for the purchase and sale of spot electric energy at wholesale in interstate commerce and related services established pursuant to Schedule 1 to this Agreement.

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  • One-Way Interconnection Trunks 2.3.1 Reconex shall provide its own facilities or purchase transport for the delivery of traffic to any Collocation arrangement it establishes at a Verizon-IP pursuant to the Collocation Attachment.

  • Two-Way Interconnection Trunks 2.4.1 Where the Parties have agreed to use Two-Way Interconnection Trunks for the exchange of traffic between Verizon and ICG, ICG shall order from Verizon, and Verizon shall provide, the Two-Way Interconnection Trunks, and the Entrance Facility on which such Trunks will ride, and transport and multiplexing, in accordance with the rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and Verizon’s applicable Tariffs.

  • Interchange On or prior to the second Business Day following the end of each Monthly Period, each Account Owner shall notify the Servicer of the Interchange Amount, if any, which is required to be included as Finance Charge Collections with respect to the preceding Monthly Period. On the First Note Transfer Date following the applicable Monthly Period, each Account Owner shall pay to the Servicer and the Servicer shall deposit into the Collection Account, in immediately available funds, the Interchange Amount to be so included as Finance Charge Collections with respect to the preceding Monthly Period; provided, however, that such deposit need be made only to the extent that such funds are required to be retained in the applicable Bank Accounts for the benefit of any Series, Class or Tranche of Notes pursuant to the provisions of this Article III of this Agreement, any applicable Asset Pool Supplement or any applicable Indenture Supplement and any such amount that is not so deposited shall be paid to the applicable Transferor. [END OF ARTICLE III]

  • State Street Interchange State Street Interchange is an open information delivery architecture wherein proprietary communication products, data formats and workstation tools are replaced by industry standards and is designed to enable the connection of State Street’s network to customer networks, thereby facilitating the sharing of information. ATTACHMENT C Undertaking (Fund Accountants) The undersigned understands that in the course of its employment as Fund Accountant to each fund listed on Appendix A (as amended from time to time) to that certain Custodian Agreement dated as of January 28, 1998 (the “Fund”), it will have access to State Street Bank and Trust Company’s Multicurrency HORIZON Accounting System and other information systems (collectively, the “System”). The undersigned acknowledges that the System and the databases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, documentation, and other information made available to the Undersigned by State Street Bank and Trust Company (“State Street”) as part of the Data Access Services provided to the Fund and through the use of the System constitute copyrighted, trade secret, or other proprietary information of substantial value to State Street. Any and all such information provided by State Street to the Undersigned shall be deemed proprietary and confidential information of State Street (hereinafter “Proprietary Information”). The undersigned agrees that it will hold such Proprietary Information in confidence and secure and protect it in a manner consistent with its own procedures for the protection of its own confidential information and to take appropriate action by instruction or agreement with its employees who are permitted access to the Proprietary Information to satisfy its obligations hereunder. The undersigned will not attempt to intercept data, gain access to data in transmission, or attempt entry into any system or files for which it is not authorized. It will not intentionally adversely affect the integrity of the System through the introduction of unauthorized code or data, or through unauthorized deletion. Upon notice by State Street for any reason, any right to use the System and access to the Data Access Services shall terminate and the Undersigned shall immediately cease use of the System and the Data Access Services. Immediately upon notice by State Street for any reason, the undersigned shall return to State Street all copies of documentation and other Proprietary Information in its possession. [The Fund Accountants] By: ______________________________ Title: ______________________________ Date: ______________________________ Undertaking

  • Pipelines Developer shall have no interest in the pipeline gathering system, which gathering system shall remain the sole property of Operator or its Affiliates and shall be maintained at their sole cost and expense.

  • Traffic Measurement and Billing over Interconnection Trunks 6.1 For billing purposes, each Party shall pass Calling Party Number (CPN) information on at least ninety-five percent (95%) of calls carried over the Interconnection Trunks.

  • Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities The Interconnection Customer shall design, procure, construct, install, own and/or control the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities described in Appendix A at its sole expense.

  • Interconnection 2.1 This section applies to linking with suppliers providing public telecommunications transport networks or services in order to allow the users of one supplier to communicate with users of another supplier and to access services provided by another supplier, where specific commitments are undertaken.

  • Interconnection Customer Provided Services The services provided by Interconnection Customer under this LGIA are set forth in Article 9.6 and Article 13.5.1. Interconnection Customer shall be paid for such services in accordance with Article 11.6.

  • Interconnection Facilities 4.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, shall provide a best estimate cost, including overheads, for the purchase and construction of its Interconnection Facilities and provide a detailed itemization of such costs. Costs associated with Interconnection Facilities may be shared with other entities that may benefit from such facilities by agreement of the Interconnection Customer, such other entities, the NYISO, and the Connecting Transmission Owner.