Pierce Sample Clauses

Pierce. M., Cullen, K., & Wynee, R. (2020). Evaluation of the Role and Contribution of Dementia-specific Day Care Services in the evolving Dementia Care Landscape. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.
Pierce. SCHEDULE 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effective Date December 31, 2001 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Position Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In addition, if so requested by the Company's CEO or Board of Directors, the Executive will also serve as an officer or director of one or more subsidiaries of the Company. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initial salary $16,666.67 per month (equivalent to $200,000 per year) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On-Target Amount $200,000 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum annual vacation 20 days. See Section 4.6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Specific benefits Reserved parking space --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Severance Period A. Upon termination by Company for Cause None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B. Upon termination by Company None. See Section 5.4. for Disability ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C. Upon termination by Company 12 months for any other reason or no reason ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D. If the Executive Resigns for Good Reason 12 months ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ E. If the Executive resigns for None any other reason or no reason --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCHEDULE 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNING BONUS DATE INSTALLMENT PAYMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/30/2002 $204,880.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7/31...
Pierce. This Amended and Restated Employment Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made effective as of the 20th day of November, 2008 (the “Effective Date”), by and between Legacy Bancorp, Inc., a Delaware corporation with its principal offices at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, (the “Company”), and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Legacy Banks, a Massachusetts-chartered stock savings bank (the “Bank”) with its principal offices at Pittsfield, Massachusetts (the Company and the Bank shall hereinafter collectively be referred to as the “Employer”), and Steven F. Pierce (“Executive”).
Pierce. 268 U.S. at 535.
Pierce the performance aspect of Strickland is broken into two parts, the first examining whether the claim lodged against counsel possesses “arguable merit,” and the second examining whether counsel’s actions were supported by a “reasonable basis.” See, e.g., Commonwealth v. Robinson, 82 A.3d 998, 1005 (Pa. 2013).
Pierce. She is Trouble”. 269-301.
Pierce. 2.10 RESTRICTED STOCK has the meaning set forth in the Plan.
Pierce. Total protein and phosphorylation levels of relevant proteins were determined by standard
Pierce. 6.3 If the Grantee or Immediate Family Member fails to execute the required transfer documents, then the Shares represented by such transfer documents shall be deemed to have been repurchased upon (a) the payment by the Company of the repurchase price to the Grantee or the Immediate Family Member, as applicable, or (b) notice to the Grantee or the Immediate Family Member, as applicable, that the Company is holding the repurchase price for the account of the Grantee or the Immediate Family Member. Upon such payment or notice, the Grantee and the Immediate Family member will have no further rights in or to such Shares.