Sincerely definition

Sincerely. [Pentland Securities (1981) Inc.] [Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xx. Trust dated September 12, 1969] cc: General Counsel, Molson Coors Brewing Company Canadian Voting Trustee To: Toronto Stock Exchange Montreal Xxxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxx, XX X0X 0X0 Xxxxxx Re: Class A Common Stock Molson Coors Brewing Company Voting Trust Agreement The undersigned hereby certifies that, pursuant to the Class A Common Stock Molson Coors Brewing Company Voting Trust Agreement dated February , 2005 among the undersigned, Pentland Securities (1981) Inc. and Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xx. Trust dated September 12, 1969 and Wilmington Trust Company (the "Voting Trust Agreement"), the following shares of Molson Coors Brewing Company Class A common stock represented by the certificates described below have been deposited on February , 2005, in trust with the undersigned, acting as trustee under the Voting Trust Agreement: Certificate No Number of Class A common shares Beneficiary DATED February , 2005, WILMINGTON TRUST COMPANY, not in its individual capacity but solely as Trustee By: Name: Title:
Sincerely. Xxxxxxxx" or "BTRM" Xxxxxxxx Laboratories, Inc. By:/s/ W. A. Xxxxxx, Jr., President

Examples of Sincerely in a sentence

  • Yours Sincerely, BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA, S.A. p.p. By:…………………… By:……………………… Name: Name: Title: Authorised Signatory Title: Authorised Signatory DOURO FINANCE B.V. By:………………….

  • An appeal may be filed with the Environmental Review Appeals Commission at the following address: Environmental Review Appeals Commission 309 South Fourth Street, Room 222Columbus, Ohio 43215 Sincerely, Michael W.

  • Sincerely, c.c. General Secretariat of the CouncilUnit DG G 2B – Tax Policy, Export Credits and Regional Policy secretariat.cocg-jurisdictions@consilium.europa.eutel.

  • Sincerely yours, {See appended electronic signature page} For Edward M.

  • Wishing you good fortune with all of your investing in 2021! Sincerely, Steven J.

  • Sincerely, /s/Sara Pak Sara Pak Senior Legal Counsel and Vice President, T.

  • I am aware that any breach of this condition would render my firm liable for penal action for suppression of facts.Yours Sincerely Signature of the Tenderer.

  • Of 305 cases reviewed by the multidisciplinary workshop, each pre- sumably considered an exemplar case of idiopathic NSIP by the submitting clinician, less than 6% fulfilled a consensus classi- fication of definite idiopathic NSIP.

  • Sincerely, ____________________________________ Signature _______________________________________ ____________ Name and Title of Authorized Representative Date Attachment #2Authorization to Release Information LetterAlterations to this document are prohibited, see section 2.14.14.

  • Sincerely, Agreed to: {Original Signed on File} {Original Signed on File} Xxxxx X.

Related to Sincerely

  • yours mean anyone who signs an Account Card, Account Change Card, or any other account opening document (Account Card), or for whom membership and/or service requests are approved through the Credit Union’s online application and authentication process. The words “we,” “us,” and “our” mean the Credit Union. The word “account” means any one (1) or more share or other accounts you have with the Credit Union. Your account type(s) and ownership features are designated by you on your Account Card or through the Credit Union’s online application and authentication process. By signing an Account Card or authenticating your request, each of you, jointly and severally, agree to the terms and conditions in this Agreement, and any Account Card, Funds Availability Policy Disclosure, Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure, Privacy Disclosure, or Account Receipt accompanying this Agreement, the Credit Union’s bylaws and policies, and any amendments to these documents from time to time that collectively govern your membership and accounts.

  • Sproule means Sproule Associates Limited, independent petroleum consultants of Calgary, Alberta.

  • Becquerel (Bq) means the SI unit of activity. One becquerel is equal to 1 disintegration or transformation per second (dps or tps).

  • Managing Director means the Managing Director of the NIGAM (UHBVNL/DHBVNL) duly appointed by the Govt.

  • EMMA means the Electronic Municipal Market Access system as described in 1934 Act Release No. 59062 and maintained by the MSRB for purposes of the Rule.

  • Authorized Signature means the signature of an individual authorized to receive funds on behalf of an applicant and responsible for the execution of the applicant’s project.

  • Façade means the principal front or fronts of a building.

  • Bruce Waterfall resign his xxxxxxon xxxx Betje, or sell his interest therein, he shall immediately notify the Board and the Commission, and cause his successor to file appropriate Nevada gaming applications with the Board and the Commission.

  • Authorized Signatory means such senior personnel of a Person as may be duly authorized and designated in writing by such Person to execute documents, agreements and instruments on behalf of such Person.

  • [Signature Page means the page(s) at the end of the Plan entitled "Signature Page."

  • Loft means an intermediary floor on a residual space in a pitched roof; above normal floor level with a maximum height of 1.5 metres and which is constructed or adopted for storage purposes;

  • Unauthorized signature means a signature made without actual, implied, or apparent authority. The term includes a forgery.

  • Toddler means a child at least one year of age but less than 2 years of age.

  • We/Us/Our means Reset Compliance Systems Ltd.

  • Welcome Letter means a notice that Centurylink sends to Customer that contains access information for the Interface.

  • Illuminated sign means a sign with an artificial light source incorporated internally or externally for the purpose of illuminating the sign.

  • Scalping means the situation where the Client opens too many positions in CFDs at the same time and closes them for less than five minutes or buying at Bid price and selling at Ask price, so as to gain the Bid/Ask difference.

  • seaman means a person, except a master and a pilot, employed or engaged in any capacity on board a ship;

  • River means a flowing body of water or a portion or tributary of a flowing body of water, including streams, creeks, or impoundments and small lakes thereon.

  • Growler means any refillable, resealable container complying with federal law.

  • Falconry means the sport of taking quarry by means of a trained raptor.

  • Riverine means relating to, formed by, or resembling a river (including tributaries), stream, brook, etc.

  • ACCEPTED AND AGREED [TRANSFEREE] __________________________________________ (address) _________________________________ (Name)

  • Authorized Signer is any individual listed in Borrower’s Borrowing Resolution who is authorized to execute the Loan Documents, including any Advance request, on behalf of Borrower.

  • CORA means the Colorado Open Records Act, §§24-72-200.1, et. seq., C.R.S.

  • Print means an object of visual art which is created by any of the following processes: