Payables and Receivables Sample Clauses

Payables and Receivables. (a) Schedule 3.08(a) lists (i) all trade payables and accrued expenses of Seller incurred in the ordinary course of business that are currently due and owing as of May 31, 2010, and (ii) any other liabilities incurred by Seller in the ordinary course of business that are currently due and owing.
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Payables and Receivables. (a) All accounts payables chargeable to the nursing home prior to the month of June, 1996 shall remain the liability of Lessor. Lessee shall accumulate such payables as received and forward to Lessor for payment within 10 days of receipt of same.
Payables and Receivables. 12.1 The Buyer shall use all reasonable endeavours to collect the Receivables referred to in Clause 2.1.10 in a manner as closely as possible approximating to the manner in which Receivables were collected by the Seller prior to the Effective Time. The Buyer shall not be required to take or threaten legal proceedings to recover such Receivables where such steps would not have been part of the normal routine of the Seller in collecting Receivables.
Payables and Receivables. PSPR shall manage payables and receivables and establish systems of internal controls (and separate accounting for restricted and unrestricted gifts) in accordance with generally accepted budgeting and accounting principles and based on recommendations of PSPR’s independent auditors and the Board to provide internal controls over the funds, investment, accounts and other property of PSPR.
Payables and Receivables. Borrower will not discount or sell with recourse, or sell for less than the greater of the face or market value thereof, any of its notes receivable or accounts receivable. Borrower will diligently attempt to collect all of its receivables, including those owing by Affiliates. Borrower will not permit any account payable to remain outstanding for more than ninety (90) days unless such account payable is being contested by Borrower in good faith.
Payables and Receivables. The estimated interim accounts at March 31, 2010 set out in Exhibit A contain (i) all trade payables and accrued expenses of the Company incurred in the ordinary course of business that are currently due and owing, and (ii) any other liabilities incurred by the Company that are currently due and owing are set out in Exhibit A. The trade and other receivables of the Company or the Subsidiary as shown in the Financial Statements and any receivables which have arisen since the applicable Balance Sheet Date are valid and have been recovered, or are recoverable in full (subject, in the case of receivables shown in the Financial Statements, to any provision for bad and/or doubtful debts appearing therein).
Payables and Receivables. None of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries will accelerate or delay the collection of accounts or notes receivable or the payment of accounts or notes payable, and each of the Company and its Subsidiaries shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to collect its accounts or notes receivable and pay its accounts or notes payable in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice.
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Payables and Receivables. With respect to the post-closing payment of claims and accounts due and also the post-closing collection of claims and amounts receivable, the parties agree as follows.
Payables and Receivables. Prior to the Closing, Seller shall cause any and all trade accounts payable or receivable of the Company or Okeechobee Egg to be transferred to and assigned to Seller or one of its Affiliates other than the Company or Okeechobee Egg so that, as of 12:00 midnight on the Inventory Date the Company has no trade accounts payable or receivable.
Payables and Receivables. It shall be the responsibility of Spectrum to pay for all of its own Station operation expenses, other than those expenses outlined in this LMA, up to and including 12:01 AM on the date Ives begins to provide services under this Agreement. All expenses incurred after that time and dates, other than expenses specifically to be paid by Spectrum, shall be the sole responsibility of Ives. Commencing January 1, 1998 at 12.01 a.m., Local Marketing Agreement all of the receivables of the Station shall be the property of Ives. Receivables of the Station which have accrued prior to that date shall remain the property of Spectrum.
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