Lists Sample Clauses

Lists. No later than the first paycheck in October of each school year, the Board of Education shall provide the Association with a list of all certified employees of the Board of Education and the positions held by said employees. The Board shall notify the Association monthly of any changes in said list.
Lists. The Secretary of the Company or the agent of the Company having charge of the stock transfer records for Shares shall make and certify a complete list of the Shareholders entitled to vote at a Shareholders' meeting or any adjournment thereof. The list shall be arranged alphabetically within each class and series, with the address of, and the number of Shares held by, each Shareholder, be produced at the meeting, be subject to inspection by any Shareholder during the meeting, and be prima facie evidence of the Shareholders entitled to examine the list or vote.
Lists. The Agency shall furnish to the Union, monthly, a list of names, classifications and home addresses of new employees in the bargaining unit and a listing of changes of address of bargaining unit employees who have submitted such notice to the Personnel Office. The Agency shall furnish the Union with a monthly listing of employees who have terminated from the bargaining unit during the previous month.
Lists. (a) In each year, seniority lists shall be drawn up by the Board and published to the teachers in the County before the end of the first complete week of the month of March. Seniority lists may be provided electronically.