Patent Licenses Sample Clauses

Patent Licenses. (a) Upon payment of the applicable fees as set forth in Appendix B3 and subject to the provisions of this Agreement, Lucent hereby grants to Company during the License Term, a personal, non-transferable (except as permitted in Section 5.08) and non-exclusive license (without any right to sublicense) under (a) patents and/or patent applications listed in Appendix C, (b) patents on sole inventions (as defined in Section 2.03(a) owned by Lucent, to (i) perform the Development Project during the Development Period, and (ii) to make, have made, use, lease, sell, offer to sell and import Licensed Product.
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Patent Licenses. (a) Effective as of the Closing and subject to the terms of the Existing Licenses, Seller, on behalf of itself and its Affiliates, hereby grants to Purchaser and its Affiliates an exclusive (except pursuant to, and in accordance with, the Existing Licenses), perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid and royalty-free sublicenseable right and license to Exploit the patents and patent applications listed on Schedule 6.12(a) (including all reissues, divisions, continuations, continuations-in-part and extensions thereof) solely in the Triage Field.
Patent Licenses. Grantor Description of Patent License Patent Number of underlying Patent Name of Licensor
Patent Licenses. The Grantor shall comply with its obligations under each of its Patent License Agreements.
Patent Licenses. Settlement and License Agreement, dated as of October 26, 2006, by and between Charles E. Hill & Associates, Inc., as licensor, and Coldwater Creek Inc., as licensee (“Licensee”), pursuant to which Licensee has a non-exclusive right and paid up license to practice the Hills Patent (as defined therein). Exhibits to Intellectual Property Security Agreement EXHIBIT C List of Trademarks, Trademark Applications and Trademark Licenses
Patent Licenses. Licensor Licensee Patent Number(s) Date Schedule B to Patent and Trademark Agreement TRADEMARKS Registration No. Country Issue Date Xxxx TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS Serial No. Country Filing Date Xxxx TRADEMARK LICENSES Grantor Serial or Registration No. Country Issue or Filing Date Xxxx Exhibit B to Security Agreement Form of Grant of Security Interest in United States Copyrights FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, [Credit Party Name], a [Credit Party Description] (the “Grantor”), having its chief executive office at [Credit Party Address], hereby grants to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Collateral Agent, (the “Grantee”), with offices at 0000 Xxxxxx, 10th Floor, Houston, Texas, a security interest in all of the Grantor’s right, title and interest in, to and under the following (all of the following items or types of property being herein collectively referred to as the “Copyright Collateral”), whether presently existing or hereafter arising or acquired:
Patent Licenses. Patent Licenses, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, or in which the Debtor now has or hereafter acquires any rights (the term “Patent Licenses” means and includes any written agreement granting to any person any right to exploit, use or practice any invention on which a Patent is owned by another person), including without limitation each Patent License listed on Schedule A-2 hereto, and all royalties and other sums due or to become due under or in respect of the Debtor’s Patent Licenses, together with the right to xxx for and collect all such royalties and other sums;
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Patent Licenses. Licensee Country or Territory Licensor Effective Date Expiration Date Date Matter to Security Agreement Item A. Trademarks Registered Trademarks Grantor Country Trademark Registration No. Registration Date Pending Trademark Applications Grantor Country Trademark Serial No. Filing Date Trademark Applications in Preparation Grantor Country Trademark Docket No. Expected Filing Date Products/ Services Item B. Trademark Licenses Licensee Trademark Licensor Effective Date Expiration Date Date Country or Territory SCHEDULE IV to Security Agreement Item A. Copyrights
Patent Licenses. Corresponding Date License Termination Patent No. Granted Licensee Date ------------- ------------ ----------- -----------
Patent Licenses. (a) Upon payment of the applicable fees as set forth in Appendix B and subject to the provisions of this Agreement, Lucent hereby grants to Company a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license under Lucent Patents to use the Deliverables solely for Company's development of the Broadcast Television Switch. Licensee understands and agrees that IF any patent licenses are necessary for purposes other than development, including but not limited to the manufacture of Licensed Products by Company and/or Contract Manufacturers in the factories of Company and/or Contract Manufacturers, or for the sale of Licensed Products by Company, such licenses will be governed by a separate patent license agreement between the Parties, such agreement to contain reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions, including license fees not to exceed five (5%) percent of the Fair Market Value of the Licensed Products. MPhase, Inc. DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT
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