Party A’s Rights and Obligations Sample Clauses

Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 4.1 甲方应不晚于扣款日向/在其结算账户转账/存入等于(或不少于)存款资金的款项,并在起息日前的所有时间均确保并维持结算账户中有该等数额的款项。若因非乙方过错的任何原因,包括但不限于由于甲方的债权债务纠纷或任何原因导致结算账户被司法机关采取查封、冻结或支取等强制措施,甲方未能在起息日前的所有时间确保并维持结算账户中的存款资金数额的,本协议应立即解除并失效,但不影响甲方应承担的违约责任并向乙方赔偿全部损失的义务。 No later than the Trade Date, Party A shall transfer/deposit money equal to (or not less than) the full Deposit Amount to/in the Settlement Account and shall ensure that such amount of fund in the Settlement Account shall be held and maintained at all time until the Effective Date. Failure by Party A to do the same due to whatever reason other than Party B’s fault, including without limitation, the Deposit Amount being frozen, seized or taken, in whole or in part, with enforcement measures by judicial authority arising from its credits, debts dispute and/or whatsoever reason, shall cause this Agreement to be immediately and automatically ceased and this Agreement will be no longer to be in force and effect, and in such case, it shall be deemed that Party A breaches the terms of this Agreement and therefore shall be liable for all losses and damages suffered by Party B arising therefrom.
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Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 1. Party A guarantees that the products provided meet the quality and hygiene standards stipulated by the state;
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 1. Party A’s Rights:
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 7.1 Party A has the following rights:
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 8.1 Party A’s Rights Party A has the rights to:
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 1. Party A shall provide Party B with various situations, documents and materials related to investment affairs in a comprehensive and timely manner.
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 6.1 During the valid period of this Contract, Party A shall perform suretyship liability hereunder unconditionally within five working days after receiving Party B’s notice under any one of the following circumstances:
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 3.1.1 Party A shall maintain and operate the Platform in accordance with the available technology, so that the Platform can operate normally, and Party B can use the Platform normally and conduct vehicle leasing transactions with the Driver User smoothly.
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 1. Party A has the right to receive the crewmen assignment fee in accordance with the provisions of the “Ship Leasing Contract” executed by the two parties.
Party A’s Rights and Obligations. 4.1 Party A has the right, power and authority to sell and transfer the Sale Share.