Rights and Obligations of Both Parties Sample Clauses

Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 7.1 Party A shall have the following rights and obligations: § to draw down and use the Loan according to this Contract; § if Party A repays the Loan before maturity date, it shall obtain prior written consent from Party B and shall compensate Party B against the losses for expected income and relevant expenses; § to bear all expenses incurred under this Contract; § it shall notify Party B at least 30 days in advance of any activities that would have a negative impact upon Party B’s ability to realize its rights such as joint operation, merger, restructuring, sale of material asset, etc. and obtain Party B’s written consent, otherwise, Party A is not allowed to carry out the afore mentioned activity before repayment of the Loan; § to notify Party B of any changes like location, contact address, business scope, legal representative and other commercial register items within 7 days after these changes; § it shall notify Party B immediately the occurrence of any event that will affect its normal operation or solvency under this contract, such as (but not restrain to) severe economic dispute, bankruptcy, financial deterioration etc; § In case of it winding up, dissolution, suspension of operation, revoke of business license, Party A should notify Party B of such events within 5 days after their occurrence and undertake to repay the principal and interest immediately. § Others as agreed.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 7.1 Borrower shall not use the proceeds of the Loan for any usage not stipulated in this Contract.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 11.1 Party A has the right to draw and use loan according to the deadline and purpose agreed in this contract.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 5.1 Party A, as the lessor of the Properties, shall be entitled to:
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. This What If Things Aren’t Working Out would include the right of entry by the landowner. The lease should specify purposes for which the landowner can enter the property and provide a minimum prior notice to the tenant. Some lease agreements containno right to sublease” and “lease is binding to heirsclauses. Land Use. How is the land to be used? Many leases specifically restrict the tenant to an agricultural use. You can also dictate a particular crop rotation or a detailed land use plan. Prohibited uses can also be listed, i.e., cutting timber or plowing pasture. Expectations for Operation and Maintenance of the Land. Who takes care of maintenance, repairs and improvements on the land? For example, who pays for the fencing to be used by the xxxxxx but stays with the property? Are any alterations allowed? In addition, any considerations of land fertility should be included here.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 6.1 Each party agrees that it will not, knowingly or willingly, directly or indirectly, at any time during the term of this Agreement or within two (2) years thereafter, induce or attempt to induce any policyholder or contract holder of the other party to terminate, reduce coverage, or replace any Policy, as referenced in APPENDIX A, or otherwise disturb the relationship between the other party and any of its policyholders or contract holders.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 1. Both parties shall cooperate in the registration of industrial and commercial changes involved in this equity transfer.
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 5.1 The rights and obligations of Party A
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 5.1 Party A’s rights and obligations
Rights and Obligations of Both Parties. 5.1 Party A’s rights and Obligations