Pakistan Sample Clauses

Pakistan. These country specific provisions apply if you are located in Pakistan. In such case, the following sentence shall be added after the second sentence of Section 4.1: In the event any payments are required to be paid outside Pakistan, you hereby represent that you have obtained all licenses, approvals and permits (including approval by the State Bank of Pakistan) for remittance of all amounts payable to us under this DSA.
Pakistan. Both U.S.-Pakistan trade and U.S. investment in Pakistan grew in 2006. Work continues with the government of Pakistan to enhance and expand the bilateral trading relationship, including by helping Pakistan to create a climate conducive to increased foreign investment. In 2006, bilateral efforts included two ministerial-level meetings. USTR Xxxxx Xxxxxx met with Pakistan’s Commerce Minister Xxxxxxx Xxxx in August 2006, and again in September 2006 in Cairns, Australia. In October, AUSTR Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx co-chaired the second meeting of the U.S.-Pakistan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Council with Pakistan’s Commerce Secretary Syed Xxxx Xxxx. The TIFA Council meeting, which took place in Islamabad, focused on a number of priorities in the bilateral economic relationship, including Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs), GSP, textiles, workers rights, services, facilitation of Afghan-Pakistan transit trade, and agriculture. In March 2006, the President announced his intention to request Congress to authorize the creation of Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) in Afghanistan and in Pakistan's border regions. USTR and the Department of State have led the effort to develop this initiative, which is intended to bring development and job creation to geographic areas that are among the most critical in the global war on terror. The creation of ROZs will encourage investment by granting duty-free entry to the United States for certain goods produced in designated territories. In support of this effort, USTR officials held consultations with the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan and visited both regions. In 2007, the Administration will work closely with Congress and private sector stakeholders to implement this important initiative. The government of Pakistan continued to take noticeable steps during 2006 to improve copyright enforcement, especially with respect to optical disc piracy. Nevertheless, Pakistan does not provide adequate protection of all intellectual property. Book piracy, weak trademark enforcement, lack of data protection for proprietary pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical test data, and problems with Pakistan’s pharmaceutical patent protection remain serious barriers to trade and investment. However, Pakistan took significant steps to shut down optical disc production and exports of pirated optical discs over the last two years, and it created the Intellectual Property Rights Organization (IPO). In April 2006, in r...
Pakistan. This Program License Agreement will be governed by the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Pakistan originating points to safeguard interests of both the Parties. The Parties agree as to the manner and the mechanism to be adopted (on best effort basis).
Pakistan enable VoIP traffic to terminate in Pakistan through VoIP gateway at Rawalpindi to be connected with PTCL's respective transit exchange from the USA & Europe.
Pakistan. 18.2.6 the Contractor introduces any equipment which has not been approved in advance by PTCL and, where required, by PTA;
Pakistan. Schedule-III ------------ ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL INCOMING MINUTES (IN MILLIONS) FROM USA AND EUROPE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actual Incoming Traffic (Million Minutes) Forecast Traffic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S/No. COUNTRY 96-97 97-98 98-99 99-00 00-00 00-02 00-00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. USA 170.528 178.346 199.907 273.997 359.243 405.945 458.718 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. EUROPE 92.400 109.987 151.167 217.026 183.844 207.744 234.751 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USA + Europe 262.928 288.333 351.073 491.023 543.088 613.689 693.468 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [GRAPHIC OMITTED] PAKISTAN Schedule-IV ACCOUNTING AND METHOD OF SETTLEMENT -----------------------------------
Pakistan. Billing Increments Programmable -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billing based on Units or Money Money -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holiday Rates Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grace Period ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billing Answer After Egress ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network Management -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNMP MIB Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fault Monitoring Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Statistics Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Command Line Interface Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Web-based Management Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SS7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical Interfaces Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Redundant Link No -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Point Codes Supported Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signaling Level Lvl 4 ISUP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standalone Processor Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Embedded Processor Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Transport Protocol Suit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H.323 Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support for Industry standard H.323 Clients No -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TCP/IP Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UDP Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RTP/RTCP Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RSVP No ---------------------...