Office Services Sample Clauses

Office Services. The Provider is to provide during normal opening hours the services, if requested, described in the relevant service description (which is available on request). If the Provider decides that a request for any particular service is excessive, it reserves the right to charge an additional fee.
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Office Services. USPI will provide Employee with an administrative assistant of his choice and reasonable office space and services.
Office Services. The Company has entered into an agreement (“Office Services Agreement”) with New Asia Partners Limited (“Affiliate”) substantially in the form annexed as an exhibit to the Registration Statement pursuant to which the Affiliate will make available to the Company general and administrative services including office space, utilities and secretarial support for the Company’s use for $7,500 per month.
Office Services. The Company will arrange to provide you with access to a comfortable reception area with internet access and educational materials for the occasional brief wait for your Physician.
Office Services. Such office services, including, but not limited to, warehousing, transportation, stockroom, graphics, printing, duplicating and forms management, as shall be necessary or appropriate for the conduct of Meridian Consulting's business.
Office Services. So long as Member is in compliance with this Agreement, University will provide the office services noted below during normal hub operating hours.
Office Services. 3.1 Correspondence from the TUS and unions will normally be printed on the headed paper of the TUS or the respective Trade Union. Such paper shall be procured and paid for by the Trade Unions. Blank paper for continuation sheets shall be provided and paid for by the SPS.
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Office Services. Meytav will provide to the Company at its premises in Kiryat Shmona the office services reasonably required or necessary as determined by Meytav and approved by the Entrepreneurs and YTF as sufficient for such purpose, for performance of the Approved Project, including secretarial services and communications (post, telephone, fax, etc.).
Office Services. USP will provide Employee with an administrative assistant of his choice and reasonable office space and services.
Office Services. Lessee’s administrative services will provide office services, including mailroom services, printshop services, and purchasing/stocking supplies, of a similar level provided as of the last business day prior to the Effective Date.
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