Corruption Sample Clauses

Corruption. The Purchaser prohibits all unlawful payments and practices and is fully committed to the elimination of corruption in its business transactions. In addition, the Purchaser prohibitsfacilitation payments. The Supplier shall complywith all applicable laws and regulations on corruption, bribery, unlawful business activities and extortion. The Supplier shall never make or approve an unlawful payment to anyone under any circumstances. The Supplier warrants that it has not directly or indirectly paid any commission, fees or granted any rebates to any third party, employees of the Purchaser or Purchaser’s customer, or made any gifts, entertainment or any other non-monetary favours or other arrangements in violation of Alstom policy or the law. Any breach of this Article shall be considered to be a material breach.
Corruption. 23.1 The Service Provider shall not offer or give, to any employee, agent, servant or representative of the Council any gift or consideration of any kind as an inducement or reward for doing or refraining from doing or for having done or having refrained from doing any act in relation to the obtaining or execution of this or any other contract with the Council, or for showing or refraining from showing favour or disfavour to any person in relation to this or any other contract with the Council. The Service Provider warrants that it has not otherwise done anything contrary to the Xxxxxxx Xxx 0000 or incited any breach of section 117(2) of the Local Government Xxx 0000.
Corruption. 13.1 Civica shall not:
Corruption. 22.1 The Commissioned Agent warrants that neither it nor its Personnel will make or cause to be made, receive or seek to receive any offer, gift or payment or benefit of any kind, which could be construed as an illegal or corrupt act, either directly or indirectly to any individual or organisation in relation to the execution of this SRA Agreement. Any breach of this clause will entitle ACIAR to issue a notice under clause 18.1 to terminate this SRA Agreement immediately.
Corruption. In the five year period prior to the date of this Agreement, neither the Company, its Subsidiaries, nor any director, officer or employee of the Company or its Subsidiaries has violated, conspired to violate, or aided and abetted the violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, any other applicable anti-bribery, anticorruption, political donations or campaign finance, or anti-money laundering Laws (collectively, the “Anticorruption Laws”).
Corruption. 10.1 Civica shall not:
Corruption. The Supplier states that no employee of the Bank involved in the award of this contract, has received, or will received, directly or indirectly, any kind of benefit or advantage from the Supplier or its affiliates, resulting from the award of the Contract or its implementation.
Corruption. None of the Loan Parties, nor any of their Subsidiaries or, to the knowledge of the Borrowers, any director, officer, agent, employee, Affiliate or other Person acting on behalf of the Loan Parties or any of their Subsidiaries is aware or has taken any action, directly or indirectly, that would result in a violation by such Persons of any applicable anti-bribery law or anti-corruption law, including, but not limited to, the United Kingdom Xxxxxxx Xxx 0000 (the “UK Bribery Act”) and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1997 (the “FCPA”). Furthermore, the Loan Parties and their respective Subsidiaries and, to the knowledge of the Borrowers, their Affiliates, have conducted their business in compliance with the UK Bribery Act, the FCPA and similar laws, rules or regulations (including other applicable anti-corruption laws) and have instituted and maintain policies and procedures designed to ensure, and which are reasonable expected to continue to ensure, continued compliance therewith.
Corruption. 13.1 If any of the following events occurs in connection with this or any other Contract between the Council and the Supplier, the Council may terminate this Contract and recover any consequential loss from the Supplier:-
Corruption. 24.1 The Consultant undertakes that neither it nor its employees, servants, advisers or agents shall receive or agree to receive from any person, or offer or agree to give to, or procure for, any person, any gift or consideration of any kind, as an inducement or reward for doing or forbearing to do or having done or forborne to do any action in relation to the obtaining or the execution of the Contract or any other contract to which the Employer is a party.